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The Truth about ''Natural'' Sweeteners

Does Sugar by Any Other Name Still Taste as Sweet?


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  • [quote] " (Maple syrup) It contains fewer calories and a higher concentration of minerals (like manganese and zinc) than honey." [/quote]

    And yet, in the chart above, the author claims it has 45 cals per 2 tsp, as opposed to 43 cals per 2 tsp for honey.

    According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, maple syrup contains 38 cals per 2 tsp.

    Sadly, this is far from the first time I've read allegedly authoritative articles on SP, which have been riddled with erroneous information and discrepancies. It's really not difficult to conduct sound research - nor to proof and edit - I don't know why SP writers often seem incapable of this.
  • At the end of this article the recommendation of 7.5 tsp of sugar per day os for a 1200 cal/day diet. Who is eating that little? Another video on Sparkpeople has a recommendation of 6 tsp/day for women. This info is inconsistent, and misleading in itself for people who are trying to get and stay healthy. I have to go offsite for proper recommendations of the amount/day I should be trying to stay within.
  • This was a informative article. I am trying to cut down on the sugar I add to things like drinks and coffee and using natural sugar like honey in my baking. Thank you for this information.
  • Thanks so much for this informative and interesting article.!! Great read!!
  • What happened to coconut sugar? It's high in minerals and low carbs and it tastes great
  • i'm so tired of hearing 'sugar is sugar.' no it's not. there aren't any 'healthy' sugars, they all have a ton of calories, but if i want a sweetener it's far better for my entire system to use cane sugar or honey than HFCS made from GMO corn.
  • TWEETSIE2984
    My husband cannot eat any sugar sub except for truvia. The other ones give him acid reflux and make him sick. I myself prefer honey because it helps the immune system and allergys. Plus it is processed better by the body.
  • I use only local raw unfiltered honey for my sweetener needs. It was recommended for my allergies and it helps.
  • I didn't notice Stevia listed. I get it at the pharmacy vitamin section which seems to be cheaper than the "sugar" isle.
  • Anyway, this article was better than the one about artificial sweeteners, where short term studies were cited....We have all seen that long term affects are not generally noted in these types of studies. I think that health news is changing rapidly right now, and it's hard to know what to believe, and although this article doesn't give an opinion about the sweeteners, I'm ok with that, since we really don't know for sure yet. Seems like the more 'natural' or 'whole, the better. For now, I'm sticking with raw, unfiltered honey, and other less refined/processed sugar options, if I need sugar. Maybe best to try to limit sugar- the less sugar and processed food I eat, the less I crave it anyway... But, as we all know, that can be undone in one meal and the cravings are back- that's when I try to use honey, dark chocolate, etc to help....
  • TIFFER32
    Great information. wish i had the conversion chart a couple of days ago when I baked.
  • I don't like stevia either.
  • Stevia is not mentioned, It is a favorite of mine that I use to sweeten tea or my real lemonade. I do not use much. I also use agave syrup but only use a tablespoon in my buckwheat pancakes, not on them.
  • Stevia tastes bitter to me, not at all sweet. I love cooking with maple syrup, it adds a subtle flavor to food... yum.

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