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What You Need to Know About Fitness After 60

6 Functional Fitness Assessments You Can Do at Home


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  • Many "seniors" *don't have partners*, so perhaps it might have been a better idea *not* to have exercises requiring them............just sayin'.......
  • thanks for this. Consider myself functionally fit and surprised to find that I'm so not! and only 67. The only thing I could do was the sit and reach - no problem with reaching to my toes. Everything else, not so much! Lots of work to do.
  • This is a great article! Thank you for sharing!
    We are using HRV analysis test - 3 min for Fitness Assessment.
    (Use Polar belt and FitnessScore mobile app )
    More information
  • THANKS for posting this older adults fitness assessment-- very encouraging!!! I'm 64, and have really been MUCH more active in my last 10 years than perhaps any time in my life-- and I can out just FINE all areas tested (generally beating the *men's* high average score-- when they were better-- and I'm a woman ;-) ). Very *affirming* that all my SparkPeople encouraged exercise is paying off in verifiable ways ;-).
    Thanks MAMAKITTEH1. Looks like a great program. Anyone interested in checking out the "Functional Fitness" concept go to their website and then to Amazon. Their book "Never Grow Old" is available for Kindle for $2.73 with a link in the book to download a pdf of photos of all the exercises they recommend. The link is the one that says register the book but it just goes to a download link that doesn't ask for any info. Quick and inexpensive way to check out the program.
  • First, thanks to mammakitteh1 for the recommended web site, which I plan to check out. I echo her response of thanks for attention to us older demographic! Thanks for another really good post.
    Thanks for the great post and for addressing us often overlooked "baby boomers"! I recently discovered an online program called The Functional Fitness Solution. This is seriously one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive programs I've seen that addresses fitness and the aging population. It's created by two medical experts in exercise, aging and functional longevity and is loaded with all the detailed information and tools you need to develop your own personalized program. If anyone's interested in exploring functional fitness and it's many benefits in more depth, this amazing program is definitely worth a look. You can find more info here:
  • Loved this article and it is so timely. I have to give a talk to my DAR in September... many don't exercise at all and there is so much to share with them including this article. Thanks for your Article !
  • I am going to be 64 this year and I am in better health and shape then I have ever been!
    I also weigh the lowest I have as an adult.
    I am continually working on improving my health because I intend on being around for a long time to come. I started running at age 53 and ran my first marathon 2 years later and have since run twelve plus countless other distances.
    Keeping healthy and fit is a lifestyle worth adopting!!
    Since turning 60 I have gone full-blown with a daily isometrics routine, developing static muscle contractions which give maximum results for a modest amount of effort. Now in the older part of life I am perhaps in the best physical shape I have been since my youth.
  • I'm 59, and not quite there but had a stroke on Halloween 2013 with a brain bleed. I have some deficits, including balance and a right hand/arm that shakes, but I still do the walking I can (even though I've been doing it for months I still can't do what I did a year ago. The balance issue when walking wears me out faster) I do my stretching exercises daily and strength training 3 time a week. When I was in a couple of different hospitals, I told medical personnel what I had been doing before the stroke and all of them told me that those things helped me to have much more limited problems than if I had been doing nothing. I also worked with "senior" citizens for many years and saw amazing people doing all kinds of things in their 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and even one that was 100! And the Senior Olympic events are awesome, local, state, and national. The usual but also bike racing, field and track, swimming, and a lot more events for people of all ages over 50. I loved it! Stay active no matter what your age!
  • Great article and advice!!!
    I started taking it serious @ 67 and do a 5k now and then. Exercise on a daily basis and feel great.
    Wish I had considered this sooner!!
  • Strength training since 1978, walking, bicycling, spin class, step, elliptical, a good attitude and the will and motivation to be healthy--that's how I stay fit after 60.
  • I am not at that age yet but I will save it. I think I am going to print it out and keep it.
  • What a wonderfully useful article! Details, reasons, measures, and altogether sensible talk. Thank you for this.

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