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What You Need to Know About Fitness After 60

6 Functional Fitness Assessments You Can Do at Home


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  • This is the first article that has impressed me enough to copy it. This I plan on doing since I am 64. I usually hit 10,000 steps each day but after doing these steps might find I need to do more than walk. Did have 2 surgeries in March. Reshaping bones in foot and a hand both requiring metal to hold in place. Knees are to be replaced ,also.Thats later. I want to see where I am at now. Have a funny feeling if I was a horse, I would have been shot by now.
  • Oh wow! Hmm...needs some work. I'll be 60 in less than a month. Thought I was in pretty good shape. Thanks so much for this article!
  • Hmm. I really enjoyed this article I really like Dean's approach and way of teaching fitness. Without meaning to come across as arrogant or boastful, in spite of my slothful exercise routine in the last year or so (having a bad rotator cuff, a severely strained Achilles requiring physio and the effects of a not so long ago MVA (NOT my fault- rear ended). I still I could easily do all of these. The only critique I have is I wish this was printable. I don't thin the workouts are anymore either. Too bad. And yeah the fifties are nearing the rear part of my car approaching the rear view mirror.
  • Good information. Thanks SP
    Im 60 and my told me with my health and
    meds I have loss weight watch my salt intake. Old is no fun. This is the GOLDEN YEARS. Dont eat this or that.
  • I'll be 60 in July. Emailed the article to myself so I can take the test.
  • Being over 60 and being fit makes we fell great and gives we lot of energy,
  • As a 60 year old, i tried the tests & did pretty good. Important information.
  • I'll be 61 on my birthday. I probably need to do this.
    I am 55 but did this test anyways or at least those that were attainable. I am living the life of a very old lady and I need to get in shape!
  • Done the tests and I'm pleased to say I'm functionally pretty fit. The only thing I couldn't do well was the back scratch, as I had 2 frozen shoulders, and that has severely limited my range of motion. But not a problem.
    I started running when I was 61. i'm now 67 and have done seven marathons and seven half marathons.Older people like me need to start out slow, listen to their bodies and keep going.
  • seems like a good article!
  • Many "seniors" *don't have partners*, so perhaps it might have been a better idea *not* to have exercises requiring them............just sayin'.......

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