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5 Fitness Feats that are Worth the Training

Exciting Exercise Goals to Shoot For


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  • Great article, and i loved the link 100 push ups. What a great goal, i think i will do all of them, 100 push ups, 200 squats, 25 pull ups..............
    Here's another goal: join a martial arts class and work towards your black belt ;)
  • I totally do these things! I feel like I'm in competition with myself. That way if my friends are doing way better than me, I don't beat myself up as long as I beat my own personal best:)
  • Thanks for this article!! I'm going to try to do all of these - starting with pushups and pullups! I appreciate new ideas of ways to motivate myself and goals to set (other than a number on the scale)

    I decided to not let the clock dictate my life or my schedule so I got rid of it by the bed. We all have a body clock which wakes us up when we're ready, although we may not think so. I'm awake at 4:30 a.m. although I don't necessarily get up at that time. I pray, go over my to do list, wacth a little T.V and normally, by that time, I'm ready to get up and start my day! Listen to your body and it's good to start on a weekend or on days you don't have to work. Let us know how you're doing!
  • I thought it was just me who was having the time of my life trying to complete a pull up! What a great way to improve the strength in my arms and just getting it done. Thanx for the encouragement and means of training as I won't be so timid at the gym.
  • thanks! I will have to put the pull up as one of my new goals. :)
  • Thanks for this article! Training for a 5k has been way more motivating for me than trying to lose a certain number of pounds by a certain date. I feel like I can control how hard and far I run much better than I can control how much weight I lose, and it's tremendously inspiring to go from someone who couldn't even jog to catch a bus, to running for 20 minutes straight!
    these are really cool ideas. I never thought about using training for something as a goal, and the thing I like about these ideas is that even once you reach one, like say a marathon, you can always do the same goal again, but modify it. Like try to beat your time. cool!
  • NO exercise for me!!I hate to exercise but really need to do it.I am an artist and walk over to my studio everyday and I consider THAT my exercise,even though I know better.I have an old tread mill that I actually walk on about once every six months.Hope to work up the energy to do more walking next year but for now NO exercise or dieting for me!
  • In the past week or so, I have adjusted my body clock so that I am in bed by 9.30/10pm and am up by 6.30am. It feels soo great!! I get to go for a brisk walk/jog with my dog and if I don't have work too early, I squeeze in a Jillian Michaels workout DVD. I feel awesome for the rest of the day! In addition, I am more motivated to eat healthily and choose more nutrient-rich foods.
  • I am totally a morning person. When I work out in the morning I feel good all day and it gives me the opportunity to sometimes squeeze in another workout or walk later!
  • I totally agree with this article. I have been exercising every morning for 6+ weeks and I have noticed a huge difference. I just don't have time at night, but in the morning I can be done before the kids are even awake. My whole outlook on the day is so much better and I can face my day with a smile.
  • I started exercising in the morning last friday-I typically wait until the evening. it was hard to get up, but once you're up, it is amazing how much better you feel throughout the day!

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