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Health and Fitness Benefits of Walking

Reasons to Walk Yourself Fit!


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  • Walking 2 miles a day has also helped me sleep better at night. - 11/28/2016 4:11:49 AM
  • I do some walking at the hospital going from one unit to another but I know that it is not enough. I'm going to look for my pedometer and use it everyday to track my steps. - 4/11/2016 10:28:00 PM
  • IT ry to walk 5 miles per day, 3 of which are done separately from normal walking. Doing the best I can . - 2/18/2016 6:20:04 AM
  • 16 yrs ago, I discovered walking with a pedometer, it was one of the first things I did to start my weight loss journey. It had it's ups and downs, of course, but I still find walking as one of the ways to combat depression and weight. - 2/1/2016 10:29:33 AM
  • I would rather jog, but I am doing a lot of walking! Great exercise: - 1/25/2016 8:53:42 PM
  • Walking helps me overcome anxiety. It takes about 20 minutes to feel the effectiveness, but it is like a miracle drug for me. - 1/25/2016 4:41:46 PM
  • Walking is addictive! When I don't walk, I feel like I'm forgetting to do something for myself. - 11/25/2015 9:19:25 AM
    I love to walk at least one mile per day. it helps me think. - 11/12/2015 10:50:10 PM
  • Walking helps me think! Love to walk! - 11/9/2015 6:13:53 PM
  • I can't just talk the talk, I have to WALK the walk! - 10/6/2015 11:10:27 AM
  • 2BFITN23838
    I love walking and tracking the steps on my fitbit flex. It's true that walking not only helps with weight loss, but also with mental health. I always feel some much better after my walk. - 9/21/2015 8:40:56 PM
  • Bookreader8, walking DOES help you lose weight. I'm living proof of that. - 9/21/2015 11:19:44 AM
    Thanks for the article. I enjoyed reading it and I am going to start walking in the afternoons when it is cooler. - 9/9/2015 3:25:22 PM
  • Great article. Will start using my pedometer once again. I have asthma so I can't walk outside in Fl. with this humidity, but I do use my treadmill almost daily and I work out at a Wellness center 5 days a week. - 9/3/2015 9:17:08 AM
  • I love walking, especially walking in lovely places enjoying nature. I find it helps me to find the joy and peace in life when sometimes I'm dwelling on the negatives. I also find it easier to motivate myself to walk, and to walk for longer, as compared to other forms of exercise. - 8/29/2015 8:34:32 AM

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