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14 Ways to Add Variety to Your Walks

Bored with Walking? Try These Ideas!


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  • I live in the country and love to go walking in the afternoons, but recently my fiance was in a bad car accident. He is recuperating and I don't really have time to go walking much right now. So if you guys could pray for a fast recovery for my fiance that would be great!
  • There are always other people on the trails where I walk, and saying hello to them is what I look forward to.

    Pumping my arms helps to keep my hands from swelling, in addition to helping with the stride and increasing intensity.

    I've heard some negative advice about ankle weights while walking. My knees are telling me that the walking shoes are plenty heavy by themselves.

    Some good ideas here...I like walking backwards, too. And I tried walking sideways...couldn't go too far but it was a challenge. As an added bonus, any time a person changes a routine it's good for keeping the brain 'tuned' and younger, too! What a deal, at LEAST two specific benefits for the price of a walk! :)
  • I try walking in different places to keep me alive.
  • I love walking backwards. I got so bored and knew every crevice and road kill on the side of the road and then I discovered the fun of walking backwards. It was good that I knew the road so well because it helped me know to watch out for that dried out squished frog! I sure have gotten some looks though. lol I also like to walk while reading a book. Walking becomes effortless when you're absorbed in a book. Now, I've done backwards and reading at the same time, but I wouldn't recommend it. Too many senses pulled off of your safety.
  • I started dancing on my treadmill...It's fun...At first I didn't think I would like it.But after 45 minutes I fell in love...It's fun too.
  • I've always wanted to try geocaching. Not really sure where to start... except maybe with a GPS unit.
    Very helpful information.
    I get a great walking workout with the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds videos - without leaving my house. She incorporates walking in place, walking forwards and backwards, side steps, knee lifts, kicks, even jogging in some videos.

    She also includes upper body movements, changes of pace, and a cooldown & stretching segment. Who would ever think it's possible to get the equivalent of a 5-mile walk in 1 60-minute workout - all because of the pace of movement. Lots of motivation also.
    Very interesting.
  • Never considered the side step while getting in those miles. Thanks
  • I love walking in my pool. It's just one of the round, above ground pools. I usually walk about 10 times around, it really gets the water moving, I then turn around & walk against the current. By the time I get to 10 the current is going the direction I am, so I turn around again. I'll have to wait until June to be able to do that again!
  • You have to count the variations from right to left etc.. the get 14
  • I am going to add in ankle wieghts to my walks, and carry some small hand weights too.
  • I gotta tell you that you have too many of these multiple examples that do not add up to the right number...I tink I counted 9 examples 5 short of the promise. Oh well..

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