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14 Ways to Add Variety to Your Walks

Bored with Walking? Try These Ideas!


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  • I try to keep a pace for most of my walks. but one day a week I try to beat my best time, without actually jogging. speed walking. and one day a week my walk is not powerful, I take time to look around me and wind up a few minutes more per mile. still not terrible.
  • What's working for hubby? Pokemon Go. Okay, it's not speed walking, but he's trying to catch imaginary critters and raking up 5K or more per afternoon.
  • My mother was a Girl Scout leader. She took us on "Wild Paper Hunts." Not only is it good for the environment. I get to stoop and work the knees differently from time to time.
  • I learned as a young child to walk to school and back - uphill both ways. Barefoot often enough, and sometimes in deep snow. Sometimes a mean dog would chase me, and I would have to walk faster. Of course, that riled up the dog, who saw it as a game (I thought he had a carnivorous taste for little boys).

    I still go back to the old neighborhood and marvel at how this route really could have been uphill, both ways. There, a faded rusty sign hangs: "Steep ascent ahead. No shoes or dog leashes permitted." The same post holds the same sign, back to back, facing both directions.
  • When I walk outside I can't avoid hitting hills - they're all around me! If I start out going downhill I will eventually have to walk uphill to get home! My walk to the library downtown yesterday included a bit of uphill to start then mostly downhill and flats. Reverse that on the way home and it is mostly uphill with a bit of downhill on the final stretch!
  • I love to try to beat my own time, so do speed walking when I can, and I love walking outside..but today it's raining, so did a workout indoors today. I walk outside when I can. Saturday while in Lincoln, Maine, I walked a 3.38 mile walk with a REALLY STEEP hill!! LOL and then later that day my hubby and I walked in our woods on our logging property to see how the logger is doing as far as cutting cleanly and doing the trees my husband wanted. (150 acres). It was a great walk with TONS of smelled like Christmas in there! brought some boughs home for wreaths!
  • I'm really glad to be back on the treadmill again! I had one that I wore out, but that was years ago. And I used to walk backwards on it (at a very low speed). Walking outdoors is my preference, but so much of the year it is either rainy, too cold, too hot, crazy drivers ( we're in the country, a narrow road with a fog line, no sidewalk or bike path).

    My treadmill is set up to look out over the pond and meadow . . . so I'm on my way!
  • Whenever the opportunity arises, I walk backwards. And when my body permits, I'll had skipping.
    when I walk, I frequently add a double back flip with a full twist. and frequently back flip, back flip, back flip, front flip, front flip, front flip ... and some times I go out to the freeway at night and try to run across all lanes ... that adds some excitement ...
  • when my kids and I go walking, we take a basket ball, soft ball, tennis ball something to that nature and play catch or we just kick a rock or bottle or something so its more like play than exercising.
  • I enjoy looking at nature, watching for birds, changes in the seasons, flowers, plants and landscape. Living in the country means that we might spot a deer, moose or even bear when we are walking.
    Chatting with a friend or my spouse is also enjoyable on a walk.
    Lately, avoiding falling on ice keeps me busy, too.
    I actually have started walking backwards some when walking with my 10 year old son. When he gets bored he will start walking backwards and I did it too just for fun. I'm glad it's good for you (I do go a lot slower though).
  • I've started walking indoors in office building. We have one floor that we use as a track and walk around for 10-20 min in the morning and then the afternoon walk consists of taking the stairs for 7 or 8 flights.
  • also add in geocaching!
  • Sometimes I go on a regular walk, but do the trail in the opposite dirrection

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