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What to Wear When You Walk

Clothing, Shoes and Gear for Walkers


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  • I always were a hat with a brim to protect my eyes.
    I need to remember sun screen
  • Glad to see I am Golly wing suggestions in article.
  • I go to a running store to buy my shoes for walking and doing the Walk Jog Challenge. They know how to measure size and evaluate if need narrow, regular or wide and other factors for choosing the correct type of shoe.
    Good article, the only thing to add is for those who walk in the pre-dawn, or dusk...PLEASE wear bright clothing, and some form of can get armbands, headlamps, 3M reflective vests and wrist/ankle straps. BE SEEN!!!
  • Does anyone have any suggestions about a scarf to wear? I have asthma and I've avoided problems by not going out in the cold. But I've started walking every day and I don't want to stop just because of the weather.
  • Great article. Keep in mind that the clothing doesn't need to be expensive. Look for clothes at end-of-the-season sales.
  • Nice article! I think I have it nailed about the hat and other clothing except for the shoes. I have spent tons of money on different shoes and socks and have tried all kinds of anti-chafing potions, but I still get tons of painful blisters and the overhang of scar tissue under the balls of my feet cause me to limp all the way home. I am OK for the first 4 miles but after that I know trouble is coming. I even tried changing into dry socks halfway through. Walking would be so much more fun if I could find a solution for this.
  • Great Article! Thanks.
    If you should be wearing good walking shoes, the. Why does every store want to sell you running shoes, when you tell them your a walker. I just don't understand this.

  • Thanks for the article! I would appreciate a bit more detail about fiber contents other than just "not cotton."
  • Good ideas, particularly about wearing a hat.
  • Great tips! thanks!...
  • Thanks for the new articles as well I run out of them. Ihad to laugh at the title right away I thought " CLOTHES- I don't want to be picked up by the cops" !!!
    In addition to water, I bring a microfiber cloth for wiping perspiration and tissues just in case. Living on the Gulf coast it's windy, so sometimes I find it necessary to cover my ears. The little individual pop-on type earmuffs work great.

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