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The 26 Healthiest Fast Food Options

What to Order at 13 Fast Food Joints


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  • I don’t eat out very often but it’s good to know what the options are.
  • I go for Wendy's grilled chicken apple pecan salad and ask for NO blue cheese. The blue cheese has way too many calories and I don't like it. I have to add all the parts to the salad individually because there is no option to leave any ingredients out.
  • I go for Wendy’s chili. Loaded with the protein I’m happy.
  • I don't frequent fast food places, but I do love the fact that this site updates these articles and just in case I do happen to go to one of the local fast food places, I will be checking this article first :) Very informative
    Thanks for sharing
  • Surprising some of these choices are so low in calories. I never eat fast food but I may have to try Subway, Wendy's and Dunking Donuts.
  • How about a plain baked potato at Wendy's with a small bit of butter and a salad, or the small chili and a salad?

    KFC offers green beans, or mashed potatoes/gravy (not the best but not a salad).

    Order a kids/small burger with no mayo and lots of veggies, if you want a burger.

    Maybe the pintos (no cheese) and rice (they will mix them) at Taco Bell? Ask for a tortilla to spread them on, with lots of salsa. Yum.

    There are more of Subways sandwiches that are a good choice than just the chicken.

    Life is not all salads and grilled chicken. There are other choices (that aren't calorie crazy) out there. Frankly, this sounds like an article from a health 'newbie' who can't see beyond grilled chicken. :(
  • How about the Burger King Junior Cheeseburger? If you get with "no mayo". it's only 280 calories. I like it b/c I get a slice of tomato & onion. Most burger places have a Jr size that is still a big burger (as is the case with Five Guys Burger & Fries.)
  • Could you add the Canadian favourite -- Tim Horton's?
  • I think we need some more common restaurant chains on this that are a little cheaper. McD's, Wendy's, Taco Bell...Of course salads are usually a good choice, but I get tired of salad everyday.
    Chipotle can be a GREAT fast meal out. I get the burrito bowl without rice and beans (the tortilla is over 100 calories and the rice is 200, and I just don't care for beans!). I get the fajita veggies, steak, corn salsa, tomato salsa and hot salsa (and sometimes romaine lettuce). 335 calories. Biggest problem, though: the sodium level is high as apparently anything with tomatoes at chipotle gets LOTS of salt. Sometimes I do get the brown rice, but ask for a small amount rather than the huge amount they typically toss into the bowl.
  • I eat out once a week with my daughter and I don't feel at all guilty about it. I pretty much eat in one or two of places... Subway and Chick-fil-a. At Subway, I get the Veggie Delight with Oregano, no mayo and no salt/pepper. It tastes great, healthy and fills me up. Chick-Fil-A has a great grilled chicken sandwich which I get with a side salad with fat-free Honey-Mustard Dressing. A bit high in sodium, but only 320 calories for the sandwich. It is a filling meal. I just watch my sodium the rest of the day. My blood pressure is fine, so the salt is not going to hurt me every once in a while.
  • "BK Veggie Burger: Say "no mayo" to enjoy this healthy, cholesterol-free vegetarian delight."

    "Vegetarian delight?" Isn't that an oxymoron when it comes to veggie burgers? I've tried a number of veggie burgers and have always been underwhelmed. If you know what the original tastes like, the vegetarian substitute is usually a disappointment.
  • I really like this article and found it very informative. What we need to remember is that fast food is never the best choice, but if we are away from home and want to stay on track these are the best options. I have high blood pressure and watch my sodium intake and when I have one of these high sodium choices I am just very careful of what I eat for the rest of the day. If the restaurant you are looking for isn't listed just use your phone or computer and go to their website to look at the nutritional information. I really wish people would just appreciate all of the information that is provided for free on SP and stop complaining about everything!

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