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9 Ideas After Meeting Your Weight Loss Goal

Follow Your Goals and Dreams


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  • I'll need a new wardrobe anyways...I'll make it fun and do a fashion show with my girls :)
  • article was good. but they forgot about one thing.. sex is better to.
  • Deciding what you're going to do after your goal has been reached is REALLY important. Some years ago I lost 50 lbs on a diet. Then after I was done, I magically gained 30 back. Very quickly. I was really disappointed. But it finally became clear to me then that I was an emotional eater. I would binge eat every night after I came home from work. I would make a couple of helpings of pasta (huge helpings mind you) and plop down in front of the TV. I decided I had to take a look at what was causing me to binge eat on on carbs all the time. So I did a life inventory and used energy psychology techniques to release the subconscious anxiety and depression that was causing me to binge. I'm very near my goal weight now, but even better, I don't binge any more. And I'm not pre-occupied with my next meal either. A by-product of dealing with my emotions has been more happiness and more satisfaction in my relationships and career. I would recommend that anyone who is a serial dieter examine why they are yo-yo-ing in the first place, so thay can put an end to it once and for all. Good luck to all the sparkers out there. You can do it!
  • Good ideas to incorporate into your life.
    But don't wait till the final goal is reached. Once you start to lose and you have the energy to get out, do so.
    I had 200 lbs to lose. After the first 100 I felt strong enough even though I was still using a cane and walker, to get out and about. I could move easier, breath, fit in the seats, use the safety belt. Being active and participating in everyday events made me more determined to strive for my goal.
    I did reach it, with a stop along the way to have my knees replaced. That was the catalyst to propel me in to high gear. I haven't stopped challenging myself . I love life and intend to enjoy each and every day.
    Don't wait, if you don't have too.
    Be strong, stay positive.
  • These are all great ideas, but DON'T wait until you reach goal weight to start achieving them!!!!! Go for it now and Seize the Day. It will only encourage you on your weight loss journey, and self esteem should not be wrapped around a number on the scale. Love your self NOW and love the commitment you are putting forth to become a more healthy person for life.
    Life is too short to wait (for weight)!!!!
  • I love this article. Very helpful!
  • My new goal now that I have achieved my weight loss goal
    is to train to become a personal it forward!
  • Another great article... I kept reading each entry and saying, ooohh, that's good; oooohh, that's better....end result - I couldn't pick a best one - they're all that great!
  • I agree that success in one area of your life is contagious. It's great to use this momentum to accomplish other goals.
  • I loved the ideas presented in this article. Even though I haven't finished my goals, I found this extremely motivational! Thanks very much! Barbara
  • great article,even tho my son just turned 18 last week or so,teenagers are harder than we think,because we constantly stay on their backs just to make sure they are still living up to all the advice we have giving them over their years....
  • Great article!!!
  • This is a great articel! I am back to school, trying to work on the kids piece. It is a constant battle to keep it off, but focusing elsewhere is a great way to achieve balance!
  • I love this article,thank you.

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