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What to Do After a Workout

When Exercise is Over, the Work Isn't


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Thanks for sharing the great advice.

My trainer helps me stretch out may back, arms and legs post-workout and I can really tell the difference. I now do it after each workout. I find my appetite is actually much lower after working out, but still try to eat a little protein and carbs within 60 minutes.

One additional thing I try to do is take a nice warm shower within 3 hours of a workout as it seems to relax any muscle that might tighten up afterwards. Report
what if you work out late at night, say 11pm...should you still eat something? Report
Great article as lately been really confused when to stretch I do a water aerobic class and the stretching is only done at the end of the workout. I did know have to warm up muscles before stretching. Report
I was confused about where the author said that stretching should come not only BEFORE but after exercising. I say this because I read a blog by Nicole Nichols where she said that stretching BEFORE exercise was not a good idea. Here is the link;
u_exercise. I would greatly appreciate some clairification on this point.

Thank you Report
I didn't realize that you should also eat something within 90 minutes. Thank you for that info and a suggestion of the type of food to eat. Report
Thank-you for the reminder to cool down and stretch! Report
Thanks for an important reminder. I have found stretching after a good work out feels so good and the muscles seem more fluid and I tend to drink the water I need but I have never considered when or what is best eat after a workout. Great info! Report
Nothing feels better than a good stretch after a workout! Report
A very useful and informative article! I'm learning a lot from u guys...Thanks Report
Thanks for the reminder! I have forgotten to do this many times! Report
I have followed these golden rules since I started working out months ago, and I can see all the great changes in my body. Although I have about 35 lbs. to go, I can feel my muscles getting stronger and more toned. Refueling your body after working out is the kindest thing you can do for your body. Treat your body well and it WILL reward you. Report
What about cleansing? I find I need to clear my skin of the salt and sweat... Report
Very informative, thanks! Report
Very informative. I do the stretches and try to remember to drink but I didn't know about the eating. Thanks so much for the info!!!! Report
I knew about stretching and drinking water, but I had no idea it's important to eat something after every workout...thanks for the useful information! ^^ Report

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