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What to Do After a Workout

When Exercise is Over, the Work Isn't


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  • JBARBER1953
    Very informative. I do the stretches and try to remember to drink but I didn't know about the eating. Thanks so much for the info!!!!
    I knew about stretching and drinking water, but I had no idea it's important to eat something after every workout...thanks for the useful information! ^^
    I never knew it was so important to eat after exercising, and I didn't realize muscle tears when you exercise.
  • Very helpful article!!! I didn't know this at all.
  • Ever since I know the importance of cool down and streching, I always make sure I do both after my workouts. Drink lots of water, no need to force on me as I'm thirsty all the time (is that bad thing?) Though not sure if I refuel enough or too much.
    Great article and reminder for us :D
  • When I am able to go to the Y I begin my exercise with water walking and transition into water aerobics. Then I go to the recumbant bike and ride for 20 minutes. After that I go to the resistance machines for about 45 minutes of fairly hard, but not painful work. To cool down I go back into the pool for modified water aerobics. I quiet rest in the hot tub concludes my routing.

    I have never experienced any pain or soreness with this routine. Admitted it does take a lot of time, but the benefits are worth the time and effort. I am considerably stronger than most of my peers.
  • I'm so glad to see this article! I have been doing the C25K and the podcast provides a 5 minute cool down, and then I have been stretching and drinking water... but I wasn't sure how good for me it was to eat after I worked out (I was doing that, but now I feel better knowing that my body needs it!).
  • BANUELOS2148
    fabulous artice. I know a lot of people probably know this but I didn't! and it's very important I think.
  • I always cool down after being on the treadmill or elliptical, but I don't really stretch after that. This is a really great reminder -- I'm sure everyone who spends the time working out wants to get the maximum benefit to their hard work!
  • This was a great article. So many times I read articles and they are something I knew before - even if I had packed it away in memory. But this was new and refreshing. It is great to rely on SP to get you all the info you really need to know.

  • Great article. I had just returned from running 2.5 miles on the treadmill with a 10-minute cool down at a lower speed. I didn't really stretch much, but I did drink some water. After reading this article, I decided to go ahead and refuel on lentil soup before beginning strength training. I felt like my body was thanking me for a delicious cup of lentils with carrots.

    I'll definitely proceed slowly into the strength training warm up and be sure to cool down and stretch afterwards. And more water!
  • Great article,sad to admit this but I always relax on the couch or bench after a workout! Now I know better....
    Good article As someone else mentioned, I've heard that chocolate milk is actually the perfect post-workout fuel. It apparently has the ideal ratio or carbs to protein. Plus it is delicious! :-)
    I've started packing it in my car to drink after my runs on the weekend.
  • Good to know...thanks for sharing.
  • The only time I stretch is after my work out. I've heard (from fitness professionals) that if you stretch too early, when your muscles and joints aren't fully warmed up, you can do more harm than good.

    Warm up - work out - cool down - stretch - EAT!


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