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What to Do After a Workout

When Exercise is Over, the Work Isn't


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Great article. I found the part about what to eat after the workout particularly helpful. Report
good tips. I have a Herbalife rebuild shake to helps support muscle growth and recovery after a very tough work out. Report
All great tips. Personally, I like to wait at least a 1/2 hour after exercising just to meximize fat burn vs. of using the fuel in my stomach. At least, I've noticed that to be most effective for me. Report
great tips thanks Report
It will help. Report
So true, especially the strething. It saves you from sore muscles the next day Report
good info thanks Report
"You have not only burned hundreds of calories..."
Hundreds of calories?!?!?
Most people on this site aren't burning hundreds of calories per exercise session, and don't need to "re-fuel" Report
I normally want to do more but then I have to remind myself that I won't be able to lift anything the next Report
I am always interested in the best practices following a workout. Report
These are all good things to do after a workout. I need to drink water afterwards. I try to stay hydrated during exercising, but hardly ever drink afterwards. Report
Great advice, thanks. I am starting into working out again. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
A good reminder of things I knew but had parked in the back of my conscious=ness. Report
I try to do my workout before lunch, then when I am done, I have a healthy, on track meal and feel good about myself. Report

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