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25 After-School Snack Ideas

They're Healthy and Taste Great, Too!


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  • love those ideas
  • So many good ideas, thanks!
  • Thanks for the tips!
  • Great suggestions. Would like to see some more low carb friendly.
  • Good ideas to incorporate into kids days.
  • Does Spark People have a NUT FREE version of kid-friendly snack ideas? I WISH I could offer my child peanut butter and nuts - but sadly, that option is off the table. I've had a hard time introducing seeds without LOTS of sugar (e.g. maple syrup or honey)... I'd love to see a sequel / reboot of this article for nut sensitive folks!
  • Love these ideas. Will definitely try them with my kids and myself.
  • Good ideas, not just for kids, but for us grown-up kids, too!
  • Sounds good for everyone - regardless of age or educational status!
    Nut butter and water??? Oh I don't know....I really think mixing a teaspoon of dark chocolate chips would be better on maybe a rice cracker? Or just eaten directly off the spoon :D
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  • Great snack ideas. Thanks.
    Thanks for the inspiration! My kids go crazy for a fresh, warm loaf of homemade bread right out of the oven. They consider it a great snack with some cheese or cold cuts any time of day. For the recipe I have nick-named "the spontaneous breadmaker's dream come true!"
    GO TO
    and read the blog post for Super Quick and Incredibly Easy Homemade Bread from April 20/14. Each recipe prepares enough dough for 2-3 loaves, and it can be baked after only a few hours OR refrigerated for up to 3 weeks for a warm loaf of homemade bread whenever the urge strikes!

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