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25 Ways to Get Fit for Less Than $25

Work Out on a Budget


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  • the local H.S. football stadium is a great place for a stair workout too! We have a park in front of our house w/tennis court, basketball, volleyball and about a 1 mile perimeter -- it's a great place to workout, it's free AND it gets me outside in the Texas heat! ha ha!
  • I've bought dumbells, bands, and a ball. I've gotten a step and a bike off freecycle! I bought a used elliptical from craigslist. All I need is a balance ball yet.

    Also, a larger breed dog is great motivation! He goes whenever I want and will go a few miles with me. As my tolerance built up, so did his, so its worked out great.
  • Great list! I've been using many of these ideas to add variety at a low cost. I find it far more fun to let the world be my gym than to pay for an expensive membership. We're all different, so the gym has a place for many; for me it isn't necessary.
  • On YouTube there are clips of PRIMAL WORK OUTS, that are so interesting, because these people use ONLY natural objects to exercise, like lifting a sand bag, swinging a rope, etc. It is educational to see.
    I dropped my gym membership and personal trainer ($150-$200 total per month) for a Netflix membership ($15 a month). They have EVERYTHING. I record my favorites onto VHS tapes. I have a nice library of yoga and workout videos. I also pick up workout videos at thrift stores. I save additional time and gas money by not driving to the gym.
  • AWOMEN03
    My college allows students and faculty to use the gym absolutely free. Its great. State of the art equipment with TV and cable channels for free. Its the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I don't have dumbbells, so I've been using two cans of tomato sauce for my weights. Tomato sauce works best because it's all the same consistency instead of beans or olives sloshing around in water. I second Comcast on Demand for fitness videos too!
  • i have found that there are many ways to exercise without spending money. I love to walk and now I have even moved up to a little jogging too. On the internet you can get different exercises demos and do them on the floor watching TV for free!!!! Fitness Magazine has several free video.
  • I have digital cable and they have an on-demand channel called Exercise TV On Demand, where you can choose from about 100 workouts for free. Of course, digital cable isn't cheap by itself, but if you already have it, you might have access to this.
  • kids are a good source of excercise for free too. there are soo many things you can do, such as tag, hopscotch, hide and seek, pig in the middle, annie annie over, pretty much any game you can think of where you actually move around. with little to no equipment needed it sure does work.
  • Great ideas, Thank you.
  • If you have TiVo/DVR and Cable/Satellite, record your favorite shows on FitTV, PBS, or similar.
  • If you have TiVo/DVR and Cable/Satellite, record your favorite shows on FitTV, PBS, or similar.
    Great suggestions. Lots of variety on the cheap. For me the key to sticking with it will be variety and you certainly have given lots of that. Thanks!
    I love the walking viedos they really make you break a sweat..

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