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25 Ways to Get Fit for Less Than $25

Work Out on a Budget


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  • For cheap, but good idea: Get an old milk carton, fill it almost full for 7 lb dumbell. Decrease for lighter weight.
  • Thanks for this list! Will be expanding my health and fitness equipment here @ home and this gives me some sound ideas about what I should get.
  • One of the comments left was by someone in a chair. If you go to the Spark Videos section, you would have to scroll through them, but they have tons of seated workouts. I have done a few of them just because I wasn't in very good shape and sitting was easier for me to get started.
  • I didn't see if anyone else mentioned this - but in regards to the free workout ideas (the going for a walk), I have found walking videos on youtube. If you are already subscribe to internet service, look up one of these videos on youtube and there you go for a workout!
  • You really should state in the section for ankle/wrist weights that they should not be used for walking/running.
  • SUSAN081354
    i found it was hard to find soemthing since i am in a chair. cant workout like others can but i do exercise workouts from the hcair on you tube. maybe not the same but its a beginning.
    Haven't belonged to a gym in YEARS (our health insurance used to offer discounted rates), but really don't miss it. My office has a fitness center that I use primarily for the treadmill and I have everything else I need at home. One thing I DID learn from going to the gym was to take advantage of the complimentary session with a personal trainer - it was a great way to check my form and make sure I was getting the most of my workout.
    Our park cost to walk through it, same as our zoo! Now the zoo is a hike. I lost 5 lbs. the last time I walked through the zoo, it was before I started Spark People! This article was
    awesome! All the comments were great, also! Have a Magnificent & Blessed Monday!
  • I miss Coach Nicole and her wonderful articles.
  • Scored fitness bands, hand weights, & an exercise ball at thrift stores for about $2 each. For bigger equipment & a warranty on used, Play It Again Sports is excellent & services or installs some things.
    I got a treadmill off Kijiji (similar to Craig's list) and it died after just 3 days! Wish I could afford new equipment instead of playing Russian Roulette with used :( . At least I was only out what I paid for the treadmill. Got a freezer the same way once and it lasted a month before dying and taking all our frozen food with it !!
  • GREAT ideas, thanks for sharing.
  • I have bought used equipment and see nothing wrong with that. You have to clean/maintain equipment even if you buy it New anyway.
  • went to website to purchase SparkPeople's NEW Fitness Starter Kit, and it is NOT $24.95!

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