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25 Ways to Get Fit for Less Than $25

Work Out on a Budget


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  • We have also found that some of the very large churches in our area have fitness centers and for a small fee, they will let anyone use the fitness center, even non-members.
  • Great. Loved all of it.
    Thanks so much these are great
  • KATYBUG4789
    Great ideas! Worth every penny....if they cost any ;)
  • Glad I read this article! There's lots of great ideas!
  • Glad I read this article! There's lots of great ideas!
  • A lot of really good ideas here
  • Thanks so much for including libraries in your list! Not only do we (I'm a librarian) have lots of workout DVDs, we have music CDs, books on fitness and diet, cookbooks, free downloadable music, and lots more! And it's - F-R-E-E!
  • Also, Check out It's done by local regions with a goal of keeping usable goods out of the landfill.
    You can request anything you're looking for, maybe someone will have one they don't use any more.
    Also a great way to find a home for something you no longer need
  • As a librarian and even before that an avid regular library user - I always love it when the public library gets called out for all its great resources! I check out new workout DVDs, fitness books and nutrition books there all the time! Plus, many have access to medical databases to help you find out more about health and any conditions you may be dealing with.
  • This was a worthwhile article but did it HAVE to be split up into 7 separate pages? Or am I the only one who gets tired of having to click, wait, read, click wait read, repeat - just to get through what should be, at most, 2-3 pages worth of material? I'm not blaming Coach Nicole. I just with the programmers would stop to consider how tedious this gets. Thanks.
    Thanks for the list. Finding used exercise equipment is probably the best bet to a getting toward a healthier lifestyle. It will help burn fat and the right equipment will also make you heart-healthy! Here is a link that may be helpful in finding reduced priced equipment:
  • Another great way to get equipment for 0 dollars is Just place a want ad and if someone has it you make arrangements for pickup and that's all she wrote.. lol
  • -- totally FREE, and absolutely effective!
    We even have a SparkTeam for BodyRockers:
    Hope to see y'all there!!!
    What a great list! My husband and I have debated about stopping our gym membership and this gave us a lot of ideas! We recently found a new walking trail that we can access by walking from our home! It ends up being about a 3 mile walk/hike with lots of hills!! I love it and it is FREE!!

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