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Running Workouts to Increase Speed

Training Programs for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Runners


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  • Love is a friendship set to music.
    - Joseph Campbell
  • I'm at the intermediate level now. I'll try max level next.
  • These are all great ideas for improving speed. Go at your own pace; and do what feel right to you.
  • Intervals are intense but a great workout
    Thanks for sharing
  • The speeds listed here are very discouraging for a beginner, and also for those of us who are short. I am jogging at 3 mph, and that's less than the warm up speed! 5.9 would throw me off the back of the treadmill!
  • I agree with using the RPE method but pace and speed is really not based on experience level. I would probably consider myself an intermediate level runner because I have run a couple of half marathons, some 15ks, some 10ks, some 5ks, etc. I run four or five days a week, do some speed work, run hillsk, and I going to start trail running. But running as fast as the charts indicate based on being an intermediate, too fast for me.
  • oh thank you! i am a long time runner with about a 10 month break.....arthritic knees one worse than the other.
    i am using the coach to 5k to gradually come back. cant get over how attached i am to the disappointing it is for me to be running so slowly.
    This helps to remind me to focus on slow and steady progress....when I am better able, i can focus on my speed.
    I know races were always for me to compete with myself, now i just have to lose that somehow and it is more of a struggle than i imagined.
  • The beginner speeds seem awfully high for someone who is actually a beginner.
    5 mph on my treadmill is quite exerting for a beginner, in fact, probably too exerting for someone beginning and out of shape.
  • I love my treadmill but I get the best out of it when doing this
    10 minute blocks of: with a 30 second break to set up the treadmill or change the music
    5kph @6% incline to warm up, then
    5 to .5.5KPH at 6
    5.5 to6KPH at 6 right up to 7KPH
    Then 10 minute blocks
    7 KPH at 14%
    6.6 KPH at 12
    6KPH at 10
    5.5KPH at 8
    5KPH at 6

    finish with 15 minutes at 4kph at 6 to run down

    This give a great workout just walking
  • When I was actually jogging over 4 mph, this was a great achievement for me! Maybe the RPE would work. Or I could measure out a mile on the road in the village? Worth thinking about

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