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7 Easy Entertainment Trade-Offs

New Ways to Entertain Yourself


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Pretty sure a book is way more expensive than a magazine though. Report
Like another poster, I already do many of these and have for quite some time.
However, what always struck me is that living out in a relatively rural area, {nearest larger town is 25+miles away}, you find yourself staring at the tv or renting movies, or going out to eat more. Add that I am single and no one else to talk with at home {my cats are great but its a one-way convo}, then its doubly hard to cut back on some things. However, my cell phone is bare minimum, i cancelled my magazines, i eat cheap when i do go out, but i refuse to give up my cable ;-P Report
I think that it's good to recognize that some of us are already making healthy financial choices. It makes me feel good that sparkpeople reinforces health in all ways, food, family, spending time on yourself, fitness, and finances. Recognising that you already do these things (like most of us) just mean you are a head of the game.
THank you sparkpeople for caring about how we live! It's refreshing to be reading something that is basically anti-spending, especially this time of the year! Report
yeah.... i can't afford these things to begin with. i agree with hesper, below. i find free entertainment these days. yay scrabble. Report
I already do so many of these! We don't pay for TV, we get all our movies free from the library, my husband and I have prepaid cell phone plans - we only pay for the calls we make and pay less than $100 a year per phone, and I never buy magazines. We do go to an occasional movie - saving money by prebuying tickets at Costco.

The hardest one to give up is the restaurants. I love eating out, and my waistline shows it. But we have cut back and eat out less than we used to. Report
I guess the irony is that most of us who are inclined to read this probably already incorporated most or all of these cost savings into our lives.

I have a cell phone (minimum plan ... and no land line), and do buy clothes (usually at second hand stores or closeout bargains ... which are often as good or better deal than second-hand), but no cable, no Starbucks, no movies or dinners out (okay, so every once in a while), etc.. I do splurge on haircuts once a month (my biggest expense outside of rent, food, student loan payments and the phone).

My next steps are to cancel the cell phone, start cutting my own hair and move into my office cubicle to save on rent! I'll keep the gym membership! :-) Report
I raised my kids as a single mother. With one exception, I already did everything on the list because I had to. I had the cheapest cable TV package. If you cut out all the other forms of entertainment, you need something. We also had impromptu picnics, trips to a free zoo or a farm, visited the homestead of a famous author, etc.

Now that I am remarried, life has been easier. But I haven't changed a whole lot in spending. Family is one of our priorities.

We do have a cable package that includes our phone, free long distance, and my internet connection. We have 4 children plus almost all of our relatives that were long distance calls. We keep in touch with some via internet. We use a track phone for a cell phone. We may be old fuddy duddies, but we don't need all the gadgets that you can get with a cell phone.

My biggest cost savings, SPARK PEOPLE.

Thank you to Spark People and the advertisers. Report
When we moved in together three years ago, my partner and I decided to cut Cable TV out of our lives. He wanted to stay focused on his graduate work, and I wanted to commit to other hobbies that I didn't seem to have time for anymore. We still watch movies and television shows on DVD--but the thing is--we watch on OUR terms, commercial free. Also, check out your public library. Most of them have extensive Video and DVD collections that you can access for free, and many of them carry the same films that your video rental stores do--if not more variety! Overall, I'm very glad that we made the choice. It has saved us a great deal of money over time, and we have had much more time for eachother and our interests without being sucked into regular programming. Report
I don't buy magazines or music or expensive clothes (or hardly any clothes except for those that need periodic replacing such as underwear). I don't go to the movies (or even rent videos) or out to dinner and I don't have a cell phone. My one "luxury" is cable. I don't have any premium channels, but without cable I can't get any channels at all! While it is expensive, since I live alone, I would have a lot of hours to fill in some way, which I think would cost even more.

I do think though that if someone did all 7 of the things mentioned in the article & just eliminated a few of them, it would definitely ne cost effective. Report
I don't have/do any of this. Now what? I know, stop having children. Report
I agree with other's comments, that this article can be beneficial for some, but the point of the article is to look for alternatives to the spending that you do each month. Only one of the 7 things listed pertains to our lifestyle, as I hate buying clothes unless I HAVE to, we don't have cell phones, we stopped eating out to lose weight, don't buy magazines, and the movie theater cost $10.50 a ticket here, so you can bet we don't go there!!! But there are still areas in our life that my husband and I can find to change our habits to save money. There are many suggestions in the comments that I liked...and may use...which also makes this article beneficial, as why else would the suggestions been made, if not in response to this article! Thanks Sparkies! Report
SHELPEN - I am addicted to fitness magazines, it's a total guilty pleasure, and I just take them out from the library...much better than paying! Report
I have already cut all that she has mentioned out of my budget, but I still have no money. A better article would be more along the lines of how to cut some of the "meat" when all the "fluff" is gone. Report
Great article, Lisa!!! I practice most of these ideas so that I can, ahem, purchase books at deeply discounted prices. Ya gotta have one vice and books are mine!!! Report
I think this was a very helpful article. You don't necessarily have to go and do what the article tells you, It was meant to say there are many ways to be able to cut down on costs of living, the same way you substitute using low fat in a recipe. As far as most saying they are broke already, in my book having cable and a cell phone are not necessary so if you have those your not that broke! Report

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