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20 Tips to Save Money on Gas

Small Changes Can Improve Efficiency by 30%


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I disagree with No.9, wait until you tank is 1/4 or less to fill up. Fuel pump in the gas tank and the gas is what keeps it cool. Running under 1/4, you may be replacing your fuel pump. No. 18, I just saw an article on TV, myth about not using your AC, it cost more to go with your windows down. Report
How about talk to your congressmen about allowing us to drill for oil?! Report
A fantastic way to save gas: ride a bike. Cycling is the best choice for health, environment, and pocketbook. Get some saddlebags (also called panniers) for the bike's rack and you are ready to go to the store. Bonus: save wear and tear on the roads. So lose the car already and get to it! Report
Waiting until your gas tank is a quarter of a tank or less to fill up may save money on hauling around the weight of the full tank of gas but you will eventually spend what you saved plus some on a new fuel pump for your vehicle. Driving with a qaurter of a tank or less puts extra strain on your fuel pump to suck that gas up from the bottom of the tank and will over long term shorten the life of the fuel pump. When a mecahnic has to remove the gas tank to replace the fuel pump guess what happens to the gas that is in the tank? It has to be dumped out and they don't go to the trouble to pour it into a container for you and save it to put back in. Really. Report
Also, forgot to mention: Keep tires inflated properly. Most people over or under inflate their tires. Also, keep the air filter clean. They usually have to be replaced every 3 oil changes. In between, you can take the filter out yourself and clean it. (Ask oil change store employee where the filter is and how to take it out and replace it properly). Once you get the filter out, knock the dirt out of it and then put the filter back. It takes about 5 minutes to do this job.

As for the A/C comment, using A/C on a freeway is best because keeping the windows up on the freeway makes your car more aerodynamic, which means less drag and greater fuel savings. On side streets and city roads this is not as important. Report
I absolutely disagree with the idea that one should fill their car with gas when the tank is at 1/4 tank or less. It's a bad thing to do. Low gas level is not good for the fuel pump and it's not good for the fuel line, especially in cold weather. A mechanic told me this. He said gas up when tank is 1/2 empty. You are helping your car in the long run, because the fuel line and fuel pump have less of a chance to become clogged with debris. Also, in cold weather states, keeping the gas tank at no less than 1/2 empty, cuts down on the chances of ice in the fuel line. My husband and I used to fill past cars up at 1/4 or less, and we had to replace two fuel pumps. The car we have now has over 133,000 miles on it, and we've never replaced the fuel pump. Report
I've got to disagree with the not using AC thing as a blanket statement...when you live in places that get over 100 degrees no amount of savings is worth not using the AC. Report
More efficient model cars means they are more expensive, more money. The bottomline here is not just to save money on gas but generally to save money. I don't think I will be saving money if I buy a gas efficient car because I will just end up paying more for it every month. Then I'm stuck! Report
2. Downsize. Unless you need an SUV, mini-van or full-size truck, then trade it in for a more efficient model.

For most people this is really bad advice. Trading in the gas guzzler will not automatically lead to greater savings. There is a glut of used larger vehicles on the market, and most owners are not getting enough to purchase a new vehicle, some find that the trade-in doesn't pay off the original loan! Before trading in your larger vehicle, you need to sit down and do a little math. Figure out if you will save more in gas, then you'd spend getting the new car. Report

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