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Starting and Sticking to a Budget: Step 1

Keep a Spending Log


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I created my own workbook with excel years ago and use that to record all of the spending in as well as the income. Really helps to know exactly where the money is going Report
Quicken is quite popular in managing daily transaction in confined and systematic manner. Through this you can easily track your transaction on daily basis and monitor the proper functioning of your business. For example you can create a physical inventory worksheet to keep proper track of inventory bought, consumed and even calculate the remaining stock to place new order.

For payment you can use business checks that you can get from
s/quicken-checks/ or any other online source. Such feature of this software helps to generate reports and verify the stock anywhere at anytime. Report
Very informational, but the link for Step 2 and some of the worksheets didn't work, wich leaves me wondering what to do next.

Thank you for sharing this info.

My husband and I after paying all of our bills each payday...usually have just enough left for gasoline and groceries every two weeks. Once in a great while we get lucky to have "extra" to treat ourselves to a movie rental and even greater blue moon go to the actual movies. We don't mind keeps us debt free. Report
I could not find page 2 either. Another great online financial tracking tool that is free is Report
apparently page 2 is not found :( Report
I cannot get beyong the first page. It says page not found. :( Report
I came upon this looking for budgeting info, and I appreciate the simplicity of this step 1 portion. There's a step that I might suggest for or during the spending log, and that is: getting a basic understanding of cash slow, or how income, expenses and debt match up so you are aware of the money you have to work with.
A simple Web site called DebtSpark (http://www.debtspark) allows users to input this basic info and store and track it over time. Very useful and a nice alternative to a spreadsheet. Report
YES, FPU AND DAVE RAMSAY! I was so glad to see a couple of people here reference the Financial Peace University seminar. My church has lead that seminar twice now and it has impacted some people. I already know how to keep a budget from other sources but his guidance and wisdom on finances is awesome. Report
I use MINT.COM combined with Quicken software to make sure i stay with in my budget! Report
@kissthecooks: i LOVE dave ramsey and FPU changed my life!! Report
I already make a budget, every two weeks (payday). Thank you Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University! Report
try It has totally changed the way I spend and manage my money, plus it's free! Report
I wish i knew how to excel. It would be handy to keep track of spending. Report
Can the spending log be used online so that paper doesn't have to be used? Report

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