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How to Deal with Setbacks

Bounce Back from Life's Hurdles


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Excellent article. I think this is just what I needed to read today to deal with my issues. Great line of thinking for reflection at the end of my day. Report
Perfect! Great just what I needed to read and reflect on today. Love it! Report
Enjoyed reading this article and reflecting on its messages for me! Report
What perfect timing for this article to hit my in box. Thanks so much for the great motivational articles! Report
Love it1 Report
I learn something new about myself and what I'm capable of doing and succeeding with every time I do have a set back. I make it a learning experience. This is a great article and I agree with 2 steps forward one step back, but I try not to have the set back quite that often. Report
When I skip an opportunity to exercise or keep giving into cravings I will remember to leave that day behind and steer myself straight;) Report
a good reminder...we are all human and we shouldn't be so hard on our selves....time to get back on the horse to speak Report
Perfect timing for this article, I slipped a bit last night and felt horrible about it. I'm waiting out a plateau, and it's so hard to do! Thanks for the advice! Report
I really appreciated this article. I just had a binge night last night because of my frustration of not losing anything when I weighed this week. I exercised harder than ever went over my calories about 100 each day I worked my tail off to no avail. I have to remind myself that muscles weigh more than fat and one day does not the whole year make. Report
I really liked this article. Though I have to say, some blunders and mistakes are much bigger than others and is more challenging to overcome and move on from. I am struggling with a mountain of a mistake I made and it involves other people which makes it worse. But even so, this article is helping me with the mindset to get going and not give up when it is going after something that I really want. Report
Excellent writing. I am a visual person, I have a small book about 3 x 5 inches in which I record. I write in the present tense, it helps for me to actually log these ideas and I go back and read what I have recorded. When my little booklet gets filled up I have another blank one just like it. I figure when I reach my goal in June 2012 having lost 130 pounds I will have some very good information recorded to read over and over and to still yet add to. I have decided I will be committed to SPARK for a very long time to come. This is my morning ritual, I have a cup of coffee, spend time with my computer, read, think and plan. Thank you so much. Missnuggy Report
Can the graphic designers at Spark People please get some different clip art? I'm so tired of seeing the photo of that mopey older man! Report
god watching over me again! i needed to read those words. thank you god for always being here for me even when i dont even realize it. Report
So very well said, & great help ! Thanks Report

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