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How to Deal with Setbacks

Bounce Back from Life's Hurdles


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  • god watching over me again! i needed to read those words. thank you god for always being here for me even when i dont even realize it.
  • So very well said, & great help ! Thanks
  • @ NCDUNN -It sounds like you feel that you are at the end of your rope. Losing weight can be VERY hard for some and you can end up feeling frustrated and alone. Remember you are not alone! It not hopeless- it is just extremely hard! We each have the ability within ourselves to make the right decisions -it's just very hard to do it. You have to somehow find it within yourself and decide that you are tired of failing. You have to decide to start making the right decisions no matter how hard it is. If you don't, you will continue to fail and you will continue to feel this way. I know personally that it is one of the worst feelings in the world -when you keep letting yourself down. I finally got to a point where I was sick and tired of feeling this way about myself. It is suddenly not so much about losing weight as it was about what kind of person I wanted to be (and I don't mean just thin). I wanted to be better than that. I wanted to say "I can and I will" instead of "I can't" and "it's too hard". I knew if I didn't want it to be like this forever I had to do something.

    I just wrote a very long and babbling blog post about this. I'm not much of a writer and it goes on & on, but it's what was in my mind at the time. Maybe it will help you find something within yourself.

    Hang in there! YOU can make it work!
  • Need to read this article everyday! Tanks.
  • The quote from Emerson is beautiful.
  • a friend of mine said to me once
    "if you fell half way down the stairs, would you pick yourself up and climb to the top, or thrown yourself down the rest of the way?"

    food for thought so to speak.... so even on the "bad" days pick yourself up and walk to the top.... I try to remember this often... works most the time :)
    I'm not big on veggies either. Corn, peas, and raw carrots have been the only ones I care for, I do go through a lot of fruit though. My 5+ fruit and veggies is almost always all fruit.
  • P.S. to my previous commnet. I do not like any vegetables except corn and green peas. I don't like salads either. Very picky eater. That's another reason why it is so hard.
  • Most of these comments are aobut minor slip-ups...ate too much at a party, etc. I gained back 70 pounds. I am so depressed and want to give up. I have been overweight my whole adult life and it is in my genes. I gain very easily. It's easy to say "Don't give up." But when you lose and gain, lose and gain 30 times, how can you not think it is hopelesss? We are not talking about failing once or twice. I cannot stop overeating junk food. I do not do it because I am upset or have had a tramatic event in my life like experts try to say is the reason people overeat. As a matter of fact, when I am upset I under-eat. I overeat because I like the taste of the junk food. Why do I and others have a problem with eating too much and others love a food and can stop after one serving? It feels like a curse! I am 54 years old and raising my 12 year old granddaughter. I have to be alive to be in her life. Don't tell me to think about that. I do every day! I am 150 pounds overweight. I'm so tired of this.
  • I feel so much better after reading this. I went to a party yesterday and they served nothing but junk. But I'm not blaming anyone...not even myself. I mean, i should have eaten beforehand. But I didn't. but the point is yesterday was just one day. I worked out that day and I will today and in the long run, this isn't going to matter. Now I know better for next time...make sure that Luna bar is in my purse! Thanks.
  • Thanks for this article! It helped me a lot. After losing 2+ lbs a week since Feb. 1, I gained a pound last week (darn volunteer luncheon!) and I was beating myself up about it. I'm back in the saddle again, and not discrediting all of my hard work. I am moving forward! Onward!
  • JSTONE5376
    I Just recently experience a set back and have been feeling so down about it this article really helps!
    This was my first time reading an article on Spark and what do you know it was what I needed to read. Thanks for the motivation cause I was going to wait until tomorrow to make a come back from my setback. After reading the article I'm going to start today and right NOW!!!!
  • Very true. I've been doing great losing weight but recently hit a plateau. And yesterday I was just sort of angry. At whom, I"m not sure. But I ate like I was angry and that makes no sense whatsoever. Angry at the scale? Angry at myself? Angry at dieting? I have to let it go and re-commit to eating well and exercising. Good article! Thanks.
  • I was looking for a short motivational pop - thanks. I was ripe for the reminder to tie up yesterday with a bow on it and move on freshly into today.

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