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7 Good Reasons to Give Back

Improve Your Health and the World Around You


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  • I am a caregiver to my DH now so can't volunteer but I help support Faith Mission and Doctors Without Borders. Helping others is very important to me. Giving back is what we are supposed to do.
  • Volunteering with Relay for Life next weekend.
  • That was some kind information about Spark People.
  • Been volunteering since I was 13. Was a candystriper for 5 years. Just retired and looking for more opportunities to give back. Would like to combine with some form of physical activity, like walking. Any ideas?
  • Volunteering is good for everyone involved really. I've have been volunteer for many years in a variety of organisations and I felt I helped people or helped a cause I believed in. But I gained a lot too. Fun, friendship, a sense of purpose, a sense of being valued. Especially once my children left home and parents passed away - volunteering gave me back a feeling of belonging and being needed which I had missed from my life.
  • Habitat for Humanity, via the RV Care-A-Vanners program - - is my go-to and most enjoyable volunteering activity.
  • Two reasons I give back.....1. I have more than I ever dreamed of...great wife, two great sons, wonderful family and friends....(and, yes, working for the same company for 34 years helps with the happiness part)....2. There are so many still in need. Over 30000 homes in NJ still not habitable because of Superstorm Sandy is one close to my heart through Lutheran Social Ministries of NJ.

    Don't think you need to be an expert in the field to help out. For instance, Disaster Response crews that stay extended periods of time need meals, for one. Who would have thought that cooking meals is a way of helping those who can't live in their ruined homes? So think outside the box. Reach out, and the organization you want to help will find a way for you to help!

    And it's okay to do something for yourself, too. I do a 5K on Jan 1 that the charity has something to do with cats. That's not near and dear to my heart, but it's a charity, and the 5K is a great way to start the year!
  • No mention of the easiest (I think most rewarding) way of helping others: smiles, hugs, words of encouragement, picking up something for someone who doesn't know they dropped it, letting other drivers merge ahead of you, helping an elderly person accomplish something difficult for them (crossing the street, etc), reporting child or animal abuse. I could go on and on, but to me, these everyday courtesies show our connection, our love...and really do help!

    The rest of the article was great! Thank you.
  • If a person wants to "give back" then start right on your own street or at your neighborhood school. Big "Charity" companies are really businesses who pay huge salaries to the people who run them. Just look it up on the internet and see.
    Look on Craigslist and see who needs help in your community.
  • Some of us already know this, very well.
  • The old adage 'it is better to give than receive' is from the Bible. It also says 'for him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin'. I took this to heart in the midst of my chronic suffering and pain. I have been encouraging a neighbor that is worse off than me. The smiles and the thankfulness that has been coming out of her mouth lately lifts my soul knowing I had a part in her upward change of circumstances. 'If you have done it to the least of tnese, my brethren, you have done it unto me' ' shall in no wise loose your reward'. The Bible is not only still a good book, it is a Great book.
  • I given back to others if I can. It's better to give than receive.
  • Giving back is something I try to teach my children (7 1/2 and 6 years old) daily.
    Fabulous article---and so true! I retired last year. I thought it was what I wanted, but I regretted it almost immediately. (Ironic, since I'm a counselor!) Now I'm eager to find the right volunteering position that will enable me to use my skills and help others at the same time. I can't wait to start giving back!
  • This is a wonderful article. I too agree that giving financially to charities, volunteering at libraries, and the other ideas listed in the comments are great options. I'd like to add to those ideas, the concept of providing race support.

    Last year, I participated in 6 races (5k's, 10ks, & 1 half marathon). This was new for me. However, each time, I was encouraged by people handing out water, directing traffic, and sharing words of encouragement. So this year, I've made a commitment to self to participate in another 6 races & provide support for 4-6 more. So far I've provided support to 2 races, and it felt really good. Try it!!

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