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6 Ways to Get Lean by Going Green

Eco-Friendly Choices Can Slim Your Waist and Fatten Your Wallet


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  • Interesting... without even realizing it, I'm pretty green!
    I live in Downtown Detroit, which is notoriously not green...No recycle program, no transit system, etc.
    I live, work, and play in my community so I don't keep a car, when I need one, I rent it. For the most part, I ride my bike, outfitted with saddlebags, I do most of my shopping and various other errands while racking up the cardio points.
    I quit eating red meat in the eighties, for no reason other than, I didn't feel good after eating it.
    I carry reusable bags when I shop in the neighborhood, because it's more convenient, and I shop at the local farmers market (Eastern Market) every weekend.
    I don't drink bottled water or soda pop, so I'm not discarding those horrid plastic bottles.
    And most importantly, I never had children, so I didn't contribute a ton of soiled diapers to the landfills.
    All & all, I'm feeling pretty Eco Friendly! - 8/23/2009 3:19:38 PM
  • I grow as many veggies as I can, recycle, and still eat meat. However, I eat much less read meat than I used to and hope to cut back even more as I travel this journey to better health! - 7/10/2009 3:09:56 PM
    For about 10 years now i have given up eating pork and it was'nt all that difficult.So my next goal is to give up eating beef.I think taking one step at a time works very well for me,who knows it maybe a good start for someone else. - 12/16/2008 3:11:03 PM
  • I've been using vinegar as my kitchen cleaner for a while now. It really is an excellent cleaner. With vinegar, you don't need to worry about chemicals or a chemical residue being left on the counter or stove top. Vinegar is great for a lot of things. Also, I just keep refilling a spray bottle so I'm cutting down on the plastic bottles that I would have bought had I bought "regular" cleansers. You can usually find gallon bottles of vinegar in the market. I buy large botles at Costco. Vinegar is definitely a great alternative cleaner. - 10/25/2008 9:59:11 PM
  • Wonderful article. I garden, we rarely eat meat, I use natural cleaners, I recycle, and I am so against waste! Wasting food, paper, all drives me crazy! Ask my kids! I do use the car, but none of the places I go are close enough to walk to, or the walk would not be safe because of walking along a busy road. I don't do drive-thrus, because I do not eat fast food, and my bank is where I shop, withe the ATM inside. What I would like to do next is compost. - 8/12/2008 7:26:26 PM
  • CHARM2B159
    i gave up meat (chicken,turkey and seafood have not eaten red meat in years)for an entire month..saved some money and lost some weight. But once the cookouts started I began eating meat again. Now I just don't eat it as often. I am considering eliminating it from my diet again. we'll see - 7/25/2008 6:50:13 PM
  • Being green does not mean being vegetarian. "Giving up" meat is one option but what the article is referring to is simply eating less. For health, as well as the planet, we should begin having meat take up less of our plate - consider it more of a side than the main thing. In this country we have come to think that meat should cover our whole plate and that is bad for our waists, our arteries, and our planet. Filling our plates with whole grains and veggies and a bit of meat provides the balance that our bodies (and our earth) needs. - 7/20/2008 1:06:43 PM
    I think it might be easier than we thought to eat meat every other day. - 7/12/2008 5:11:41 PM
  • I read that people would ride a bike if they didn't have to pedal UP HILL. I saw on the news that PANASONIC has developed a bike that has a battery that is charged from "braking" like a Hybrid Car. It can be used to "pull you up the hill" when you are reding it. - 7/10/2008 12:45:31 PM
  • A comment to the one who won't give up meat...I'm not one to preach, but it isn't just "green" it's "kind", "slimming", "healthy", etc.

    You don't have to give up meat though. Just buy locally! Buy from someone local and you are still being green. And yes, red meat still is bad b/c the cows flatulate, but still.

    I heart being green. I even took the step to buy a prius and my boyfriend and i are attempting to get wind power for our house. - 7/9/2008 8:00:06 AM
  • Now way am I giving up meat. Don't care how "green" it is to do so. - 7/2/2008 4:32:03 PM
  • Yes all is good, thanks for the article it show us that small changes can make a big deal of difference. I also would like to provide an amazing web-site that supports the parts about food in this article. feel free to response with any comments or if you were aware of this wonderful web-site already in that case congrats to
    Patricia - 7/1/2008 9:20:27 AM

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