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6 Ways to Get Lean by Going Green

Eco-Friendly Choices Can Slim Your Waist and Fatten Your Wallet



1/30/2010 6:18:57 PM

SUNNYD59's SparkPage
I love this article.I didn't know I was as green as I was. I am starting my plants in a couple of weeks so t have fresh salad stuff. I don't have alot of room but it don't take to much for some stuff.I have started using cloth car get over 35 miles to the gallon.I wish I was able to walk and get my grocery"s but not suppose to carry over 5 lbs at a time.Will continue to do what I can where possible, I also don't do drive thrus and I don't eat beef and very little pork.Nice to know all this.;


1/30/2010 3:03:19 PM

What an interesting, info-packed and useful article. Thanks!


1/30/2010 10:26:01 AM

CIRCUS27's SparkPage
I love this article! This year I plan on biking or walking more places that are further away (over one mile) such as my daughter's martial arts class and the local Wal-Mart. Now that my youngest child can sit in a seat by herself it will be much easier to take the bike and bring the kids in the bike trailer (which has a small trunk and detaches into a stroller!).


1/30/2010 9:34:09 AM

I'm looking forward to riding my bicycle to work this summer. It's a 10 mile round trip and I'll be toned and trim as a bonus! Woo-Hoo!


1/30/2010 9:19:25 AM

I really enjoyed this! It has inspired me to walk and bike more in my neighborhood. It's also great to read through the comments about all the positive things others are doing for their health and for the planet.


12/13/2009 10:52:08 PM

Love the sound of this and i love to walk so i think we will walk more and drive less...


12/13/2009 3:26:11 PM

CIRCUS27's SparkPage
I think it's hilarious to read about someone saying cows are "bad" because they flatulate. Nearly every life form on earth does so and the small amount of greenhouse gases that are produced are a side note.

Meat is also much healthier for you if you buy grass raised beef instead of normal store beef.


12/13/2009 3:17:11 PM

ALINUTZA's SparkPage
Great article! I don't consider myself very green, but at least I don't own an SUV and I walk to school (when the weather is nice)... I am a flexitarian (had no idea that this is actually good for the environment until I read this article). I've been using baking soda to clean my stove and other appliances in the kitchen. I actually find it much better than the chemical substances I was using before.


12/13/2009 11:19:15 AM

BEEBEA's SparkPage
Great article, these are sound ideas that can be easily implemented. Keep in mind that while there are many great health reasons to go organic, being better for the environment may not be one of them:
agazine/16-06/ff_heresies_03organics. As the article stated, buying local in season is key.


10/7/2009 12:40:10 PM

Though this makes perfect sense, I'm wondering where gasoline is $4.xx per gallon.

It's only about $2.20 here in NW GA \ SE TN.

As for the whole ''biking to run errands and such'' concept, I'd be much more apt to do so if the mentality of the motorists wasn't that they (for some inexplicable reason) felt that they have more of a right to the roads than cyclists and if they were to drive more responsibly so as to actually ensure we cyclists would have a safer commute instead of continually running through the gauntlet.

It sure would be nice if legislators and government actually did their jobs and started proactively pursuing and prosecuting motorists who were a danger to cyclists instead of vindicating them for their actions. But that would require the all too uncommon commodity of common sense.


10/5/2009 12:23:09 AM

Really a educative and informative post, the post is good in all regards,I am glad to read this post.


8/23/2009 3:19:38 PM

TMSDET's SparkPage
Interesting... without even realizing it, I'm pretty green!
I live in Downtown Detroit, which is notoriously not green...No recycle program, no transit system, etc.
I live, work, and play in my community so I don't keep a car, when I need one, I rent it. For the most part, I ride my bike, outfitted with saddlebags, I do most of my shopping and various other errands while racking up the cardio points.
I quit eating red meat in the eighties, for no reason other than, I didn't feel good after eating it.
I carry reusable bags when I shop in the neighborhood, because it's more convenient, and I shop at the local farmers market (Eastern Market) every weekend.
I don't drink bottled water or soda pop, so I'm not discarding those horrid plastic bottles.
And most importantly, I never had children, so I didn't contribute a ton of soiled diapers to the landfills.
All & all, I'm feeling pretty Eco Friendly!


7/10/2009 3:09:56 PM

LCLIBRA's SparkPage
I grow as many veggies as I can, recycle, and still eat meat. However, I eat much less read meat than I used to and hope to cut back even more as I travel this journey to better health!


12/16/2008 3:11:03 PM

For about 10 years now i have given up eating pork and it was'nt all that difficult.So my next goal is to give up eating beef.I think taking one step at a time works very well for me,who knows it maybe a good start for someone else.


10/25/2008 9:59:11 PM

I've been using vinegar as my kitchen cleaner for a while now. It really is an excellent cleaner. With vinegar, you don't need to worry about chemicals or a chemical residue being left on the counter or stove top. Vinegar is great for a lot of things. Also, I just keep refilling a spray bottle so I'm cutting down on the plastic bottles that I would have bought had I bought "regular" cleansers. You can usually find gallon bottles of vinegar in the market. I buy large botles at Costco. Vinegar is definitely a great alternative cleaner.

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