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6 Ways to Get Lean by Going Green

Eco-Friendly Choices Can Slim Your Waist and Fatten Your Wallet


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What a good article. I have 3 reuseable safeway and 2 reuseable wal*mart bags. When I need to go both places for a few items I take my bags and walk there and home. I really enjoy doing that. Report
I agree if you can do it walk. I try to always walk or bike to go get coffee. It also gives me a chance to meet and see more of my neighbors and to find out about what's going on. Today, I met a bunch of folks from my local bike club and we are all planning to ride together. Also, I saw a very cool classic car show in town that I would have never seen had I not been on the bike. Going green can be fun. Report
I liked this article, but i have a problem with quoting the study about how if every American walked 30 minutes a day instead of driving, we'd reduce carbon emissions. This sounded great at first, but for most of us, it's empty advice. Many parts of our country are not set up for walking. Where I live, I can walk around a little lake path, but I can't walk to any places that I would normally drive to. I would love to walk to work, but part of the route has no sidewalks, there's a very dangerous intersection to cross, and it's all along smoggy, trafficy roads. That's not the kind of walking I'm willing to do -- it's bad for my asthma and not fun at all.

So when I walk 30 minutes a day (which I know is good for me) it's along a path or along a lake. It doesn't replace the driving I do. I wish it could. When I'm in a big city, I walk instead of drive. But I can't do that where I live, and I think that's true for a lot of us. So I think part of getting healthier and reducing carbon emissions is to set up communities where we can walk to do errands or get to work. Just telling us to walk instead of drive is not enough.

By the way, I did like the part of the article about not going through drive throughs and wasting gas and polluting the environment that way. I also want to quit drive throughs because they always use plastic cups for sodas that are hard to recycle (and, of course, I want to stop because the food is so bad for me) I'm really trying to go cold turkey on fast food. Report
definitely looking to go flexitarian. i am bad at cooking meat anyway! also looking forward to moving to a new apartment this summer, where EVERYTHING is within walking distance! Report
We're a 5 minute walk from downtown and have finally started to realize all the treasures down there. The people at the hardware store are more helpful, the clerks in the clothing stores are more friendly and the bookstore even lets me bring the dog in with me. A world of difference from the "big box" stores! I've been cleaning with baking soda and vinegar for awhile now, primarily because I worry about using chemicals around the dog and cats. We're signing up for the community garden this year, and it's conveniently located near the dog park so we can take turns - one of us can garden while the other is running around with the dog and then switch. Going green and being more active isn't only helping our waistlines, pocket book and environment, it's also helping our relationship. Things may take a bit longer, but we're spending more time together while we do them. Report
Because of Spark we became flexitarians and planted a herb garden. It just gets better and better! Thanks for this wonderful article! Next thing we, my hubby and me, will be working on is cycle instead of using the car. We are in the process of buying a second bike. Maybe I will do that today, in response to this awesome information!
I LOVE SPARK! Thank you, thank you! Report
I just started going more green and I feel like I'm contributing to a cause. I eat organic whenever possible, use green cleaner, have my own herb garden (saving me lots of money), and supporting my local CSA. Report
I've had a deal of success with herbs, so this year I have planted new herbs, potatoes- red and white- and onions. The tomato seeds aren't quite ready, but I will plant them too Report
Great suggestions! I'm already doing a couple of these, but this article has given me more ideas. Thanks! Report
I love this article.I didn't know I was as green as I was. I am starting my plants in a couple of weeks so t have fresh salad stuff. I don't have alot of room but it don't take to much for some stuff.I have started using cloth car get over 35 miles to the gallon.I wish I was able to walk and get my grocery"s but not suppose to carry over 5 lbs at a time.Will continue to do what I can where possible, I also don't do drive thrus and I don't eat beef and very little pork.Nice to know all this.; Report
What an interesting, info-packed and useful article. Thanks! Report
I love this article! This year I plan on biking or walking more places that are further away (over one mile) such as my daughter's martial arts class and the local Wal-Mart. Now that my youngest child can sit in a seat by herself it will be much easier to take the bike and bring the kids in the bike trailer (which has a small trunk and detaches into a stroller!). Report
I'm looking forward to riding my bicycle to work this summer. It's a 10 mile round trip and I'll be toned and trim as a bonus! Woo-Hoo! Report

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