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6 Ways to Get Lean by Going Green

Eco-Friendly Choices Can Slim Your Waist and Fatten Your Wallet


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  • I really liked this article .I think it encourages us in all the right ways
  • Yesterday evening gasoline was under $2 a gallon here. I doubt it is $4 a gallon anywhere now as it was in 2008 when this was written. Maybe someone could peruse the articles on a regular basis and update them.
  • If #2 is correct then I burn more gasoline sitting at red lights. My old car gets better gas mileage than a lot of the newer cars, (found out while renting them, while car was being worked on), and it's healthier to go to the grocery store than a fast food drive through anyway.
    And I won't even get started on the CO2 of cattle in unhealthy environment. It was better for the smaller farms to exist than the huge corporate farms, but I said I wouldn't get started and I did. Oops! LOL
  • Flexitarian also promotes plants which in actually improves air quality. More plants also means more bees an helps reverse the global decline of bee populations.

    If there were a number 7--it might just be prepare your foods from scratch. The quality of your food will be better and the pollution from food processing plants greatly reduced. Do we really need a company to triple wash, slice, and package small bags of fruit/vegetables or pre-form hamburger patties/meatballs and the like for us?
  • Thanks so much for this article. Flexitarian is cool, but, for some of us, really, it's much more about vegetarian, or vegan. Proud and grateful to be a vegetarian athlete!
  • I can't think of anything that will get you in better shape than gardening and landscaping. Every muscle in your body gets a workout. Nothing is better for flabby triceps than using a wheelbarrow! I LOVE exercise that has multiple rewards. You look good, your yard looks beautiful and you get (almost free) fresh, healthy food.
    Decently written articles with valid points. My only counter measure is that fruit and veggies are sprayed and many are GMO. During the winter it is impossible to get local fruit and veggies. We do get our share all year around but I am always aware of how they are produced.
  • The Farmer's market is much more Green than just the market. You do not have to buy organic if you can talk to the farmer and understand that maybe they refuse to label organically grown food without jumping though hoops. I have found that yes it is a bit more expensive, but we as a society waste far too much food, if we compare how much of that bulk fruit we actually ate compared to a few pieces of fresh from the farm we might see the cost is closer to the same. At least in my experience. I have been a farm to fork girl for 5 years now, and I love it. If you guy seasonal, you will learn what to do with new vegetables. I just learned about cooking squash leaves and they were delicious! I never imagined eating them before. I have forced myself to learn about dandelion greens, mustard greens and kale. I even found a way to serve chard that my partner will eat. It is about letting go of your perceptions of convenience and looking into new ideas. Sure the local market has cheaper food, but after it was harvested early, artificially ripened with some gas, shipped and stored, is it really that fresh?
    First time I heard the word 'flexitarian', but that is what I've been for years. Some friends thought I was vegetarian because I cook so many vegetarian recipes and order vegetarian when I eat out, but I just find it more interesting and varied.
    Good, clean, simple article. Thanks,
    Human beings always defy to live their lives under the conditions of nature-given. Since we acquire the brain that is so complex that we would be able to manipulate it in order to obtain the preferred way of life regardless of any nature-given conditions. We have conquered the most effective conditions to live in such a harsh climate in some particular regions on earth. Human beings can manage to inhabit anywhere around the globe. Other creatures have to adapt their DNA in order to transform their bodies to be suitable for such an environment. That can take millions of years. Why humans can settle down to live anywhere in just one generation? Because we have such a complex brain that can manipulate things around us. In order to inhabit in any region on this planet regardless the conditions of the habitats.
    Humans build the structure to dwell in from variety of materials for their comfort and existence. These materials may have come from different sources such as the trees, elements underground, sand, stones and so on.
    All these materials require energy to operate the tools or create heat to alter them to be the finished materials in the process. Ironically, We also need energy to keep our dwelling warm in winter and cool in summer as well as household appliances to be operated. They all need energy to work for our well being. An energy allows us to choose the lifestyle that we prefer. So it becomes an important part of our lives. We cannot live on comfortably at any given time without it.
    There are two methods to obtain this energy in the form of electricity. One method is to burn fossil deposits such as crude oil, coal and convert heat into electricity. Our planet has the ample supply of fossil deposits at the present time but they will be depleted. So far, nobody can predict when that will happen. The other method is called "green energy" such as windmill, solar power and water dam along with some other green energy methods such as ocean waves, geothermal and so on. Green energy is clean and good for all lives to live naturally but all of them come with the conditions or restrictions when to yield electricity and when not being able to. Most of them can yield a minuscule amount of energy. All of them can supply the energy up to 1 percent of the total energy consumption we need. The rest is taken care by the first method. Which will carry on consuming limited natural resources. In addition, this method emits the heat and pollution into our atmosphere Which contributes to the cause of global warming.
    Ironically, we have nothing to rely on going into the future. Moreover, we increase the rate of energy consumption by increasing the population. Not only that we bring in new lives but also multiply them on every new generation. The existing ones are prone to live longer due to advanced technology. That means we consume the limited natural resources progressively to obtain the energy for the increasing numbers of population. It is obvious that these resources will be depleted one day. The crux of this matter is, what the later generations would do when they have to face the depletion. Is there anything our generation ought to do to ensure the certainty for them when we are a part of chain reactions of bringing more population into this planet. But it appears that we live our lives day by day with no plans at all. Contrarily, we have done the right thing when it comes to food. There is something that we have got it right for decades. That is why we have food enough to support the increasing numbers of population. Our earlier generations used to hunt animals for their food. They actually drove some species to extinction. At some point of time, the later generations started to realize that if we keep killing animals for their meat from the wild to support the growing population. As the time goes by we will drive these animals to extinction. That means no more meat to eat later on. The right way is to farm them by selecting the ones from the wild that litter in large numbers and use the knowledge in genetics to turn them into the way we want. We do the same thing on vegetation as well so we can ensure that we have enough food to sustain the growing population. Unfortunately, when it comes to energy consumption we have not found the right way to handle the situation. Not until now.
    Fortunately, there is a new idea emerges on horizon. The idea to manipulate the effect of interactions between water and air driven by the most reliable and powerful forces. Thus, the outcomes will be an ample supply of electricity for us to use at no running costs. It is a complete "green energy".
    This idea creates the apparatus that goes on pumping electricity by itself. This idea is the key to solve a lot of serious problems that we are now facing. Does it sound too good to be true?!?! Go to to find out.
  • Another benefit to parking the car and going in rather than using the drive thru: you get to know your bank teller, your barista, even your fast-food counter person. These days when we're so isolated from other people, it is good to make personal contact whenever possible.
  • I'm curious whether buying local and organic vegetables and fruits really has green benefits. While some food travels 1500 miles from farm to fork, much of that travel is using rail and truck -- both of which may be far more efficient in terms of emissions per pound of food purchased than the local farmer and his pickup truck. I wonder if this has been carefully studied.

    And the idea that buying from the farmer is economical because the transaction eliminates the middleman has not happened in my experience. Farmers' market foods tend to be kind of pricey compared to the nearby big markets in the city.
  • Thanks for the encouraging article! Flexitarian... what a great term. We started visiting the tfarmer's market after our Saturday morning run, and the produce prices are better and they last longer thanthe store

    Another area to go green is in your skincare. Choose products without harsh chemicals, petroleum, or animal bi-products and you will be helping both the environment and your body in BIG ways

    While quality, organic products may have a higher sticker price, the value is far better than those with cheap fillers and expensive packaging.

    Healthy lifestyle

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