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The Crunch Test

A DIY Fitness Assessment


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Only 10... I knew I needed work on my core! Report
Crunches are EXTRAORDINARILY bad for your lower back.
Avoid them. Report
My thoughts exactly (to the poster below)!! Wow, at 58 I'm off the charts!! Very, very interesting, especially to a woman who is in the "excellent" range for greater than 45 years old!!! Report
Really, the age range stops at greater than there is no difference in the amount that some one who is 60 or older than for someone who is 45, or do you just not think that once you hit 45 you are done. Report
SP please add this to your links to make testing easier. It is free.
Can't read the chart for my age range for women because the How Fit Are You? link is blocking it. This is the second test that has that problem with the chart. Report
51. Nine away from excellent for my 31 year old self. Report
I got 40, which is pretty decent. I did better on the pushup test, I guess I'll have to practice crunches more and try again next month :) Report
Thanks for this article. Report
Pretty neat test, I'll have to do this to see where I'm at. Report
Instructions say keep hands by floor and photo shows crunches being done with hands behind the head. Report
Not sure why this test has an easier goal for women since they generally have less upper body weight and crunches should be easier. Overall I think we set too low an expectation for women's fitness. Report
Iā€™m only 5ā€™ 0ā€ tall so the crunch test measurements were too much for me. The 18 inches away from your behind and the 6ā€ marker were modified. I did a 5 inch marker and had more than excellent results for a woman my age. Even if it was not 100% correct or accurate it certainly gives me a reference number to test again in a month. Thank for your advice. Good luck to everyone!
61 years old and did 35/minute! Not bad for someone who would much rather be a couch potato! Report
I did this with a trainer just this week. I got in 34, which, according to her chart, placed me in excellent category for my age group. (over 60) Report

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