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The Push-Up Test

A DIY Fitness Assessment


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  • adding to my list of things to do tomorrow
  • Pushups are not my favorite, but I have gotten better at them.
    I especially appreciate this point in this article: "Everyone starts somewhere! Just try to improve gradually over time from where you started. Remember, you are looking for improvement in yourself."

    That is how change happens.
  • This is a great challenge, however, one that I cannot do. I have arthritis in my thumbs and the weight would kill me. I can however, do planks, which I enjoy and are very challenging for me!! Thanks so much!!
  • 67 year old male. Can't do many pushups ... yet. I like this test enough to make it a challenge to measure every week as suggested.
  • I just took the 1 Minute Push-Up test. I am 65 years old and I did 16 in 1 minute. I will be working on increasing that number.
  • I just took the test and did 67 push ups in 1 minute. I am 57 years old, but I do exercise everyday. According to the chart, I am as physically fit as a 20 year old man in excellent condition. Makes me feel good!
  • I want to know where the double modified push ups are for those of us who weigh to much to do a push-up or can't get up and down from the ground like the wall push ups... I know it sounds bad but I'm realistic, -With the carpel tunnel and the pinched nerve in my neck-arm, I am not capable of "real" push ups. At this stage attempting the push up test would be a disaster and more than likely end up with another sprained wrist and shoulder flare up after the fifteen min confusion on how to get off of the floor. I can however do 41 wallstyle push ups and that is my starting number so we will see where i go from there.
  • How come the women have to do girl pushups. Where is the chart for women that can do full push ups?? You would think that in 2015 they would modify their standards to something less sexist. Really!
  • I'm 58 and did 35 girl push-ups. :) I now have a new goal!!
  • Of course, this is assuming your shoulders are strong enough for you to do pushups. My right shoulder would collapse before I did 2.
  • I'm 69 and I do 50 regular pushups every morning. I never paid attention to how long it took, but when I saw this, I decided to check. I did 54 pushups in one minute. The time didn't feel any different than any other day, so I would guess I do my daily 50 in about one minute.
  • I did the "girl" push ups and found I could only do 24 in 1 min...not great. I'm glad I know now though! I look forward to taking the test again next month and seeing some improvement!
    I was doing push ups on Sunday when I injured my shoulder! It set off what turns out to be Calcific cystic tendinitis....and with that, an end to my push up days :-(

    For the record, at almost 57, I had counted 14 before the "pop".

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