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The Push-Up Test

A DIY Fitness Assessment


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  • we need a chart for women at regular push ups and modified for men ... seriously many many women can do regular ones and many men can't.
  • The pushup chart is useless to women who do traditional pushups. Why can't we have both charts for both sexes? Please stop assuming women can't do real pushups!
    Just set my new record of 67 legit (trainer observed) push ups in one min at 52 years of age. Not certain how much higher I can go, but will try again at next months fitness testing
  • I'd very much like to do this, and plan to, but would like to point out that the only thing coming up for "push" in the fitness tracker is Pushing a Lawnmower...
    The most I've ever done straight off is 130,I currently do 310 press ups 3 times a week, first set of 100, three more sets of 50 and to finish with a set of 60
    I did 59 last week and I'm 52. Broke my previous record of 55.
  • just did 39 and I'm 49. Felt like braggin' somewhere... :/
  • BABS260
    First of all people who do their push-ups on their knees for whatever reason can build up to do regular push-ups. There's nothing sexist about this article. The truth is men tend to be stronger in upper body while women tend to be stronger in their lower body. Does this mean that no woman has a strong upper body. No, that's called a fallacy. There are exceptions to every rule but that's all they are...exceptions. However, this does not mean women cannot build up to a point where she can challenge a man. If this article is sexist then sadly the bible is too. Anyway... Off my soapbox.
    Ladies, don't be offended that you do better than the suggested method ( the on knees) congratulate yourself!! Its never bad to beat expectations, and I doubt anyone was trying to be sexist, one could argue implying that a man that can't do regular push-ups ( and I bet they exist) is less of a man. is just as unfair

    I swich back and forth between regular and knees, slowly building up to the "Regular" ones.
  • C00KIE406
    Wow.. this article is dumb and sexist. Why is there no section for "real" pushups done by women? Why do people always assume that women usually aren't capable of doing a proper pushup? Get off your knees women! You'll never be able to do a real pushup if you don't try!!
  • This was my first fitness test. I did 28 pushups for my age that was good. Just 2 away from excellent. Didn't think I could do that many.
    I do full push-ups too. I am working to do more each day.. Wish me luck.
  • I think they should do a chart of MODIFIED for men and FULL for women, too. I do full pushups, even if I can't do a remarkable number.

    I'm sure there are men starting out who cannot do a full pushup--even though they're super strong in upper body, people coming here may be ANYWHERE along the continuum of ability.

  • Awesome info. I did not do too bad. Thanks
  • I started the 30 day shred DVD by Jillian Michaels one week ago. On day 1, I could not do ANY pushups....not even one. (women's version). One week later I can do between 8-10. I am amazed how quickly my strength has improved just in 7 days.

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