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8 Exercise Energy Zappers

How to Beat Your Mid-Workout Slump


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  • The section dealing with the effects of stress could have been written particularly for me cos life at my place is chaotic at the moment with renovations, repairs, breakdowns, you name it and its gone wrong.
    This past few weeks (co-incidentally since all this started to happen round me) I've been battling with an acute lack of motivation to exercise. All that beating myself up mentally about it and now I find out it wasn't just because I was lazy!
    Thank you for promoting this article, I feel so much better already.
  • I'm so easily get bored, I tend to changed my cardio program once a week. With no access to gym, I have to use limited sources but it's fun to make up a program. Must be my personality of like to change things too often, haha
  • what a nice peice of article.In fact i have been experiencing similar fatigue and crisis, i realised where i was going wrong thanks to this article..
  • Often when I feel my energy lag, I dind that if I change the song on my iPod, I get my energy back. Usually it was just too slow or not motivating enough of a song.
    Good article. I think it's important to remind people that after working out for many months in a row that a break is often necessary. I find that taking a week off a couple of times a year really helps me reach my overall goals, although it seems counter productive. :)
    Very insightful! Thanks.
  • Great article. Thank you.
  • Thanks for the article- I've found when I forget to take my B vitamins, I feel the slump!
    I stay at 20-25 net carbs a day, do 60 minutes a night on my gazelle, & have more energy at 55 than I did at 25 when I ate the higher level of carbage you suggest.
    Thanks, but no thanks.
    That a great article and whole of helpful tips. Awesome read!
  • These are great guidelines...I am not a morning workout person. I'm lucky if I can get to work on time most days! I work out at the gym at my work and they have great exercise classes that keep things from getting boring. Yoga, pilates, cardio, when I am bored with my typical strength/cardio routines they are great. Mixing up your workouts is awesome cross training to hit spots you might be missing during a usual workout. Getting back into pilates and yoga made me realize how very weak my core had become. Now I try to make sure to a variety of core exercises with my strength routine.
  • good tips... iron and water many times never even considered, you get an A!
  • Great article. I run during the week and do Bikram yoga on the weekends. I definitely relate to the point about giving your body a rest. Yes, I I'm usually tired in the mornings (probably because I don't get enough sleep), but when I am really really run down and exhausted, I know it's a signal for me to take a break. And yes, I feel a lot better the next day. So, remember, listen to your body.
  • great article. These are things we need to be reminded of. I combat boredom on the treadmill by picking up the speed during commercials. I plan my treadmill time around my favorite shows.

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