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Exercising with Lower Back Pain

Increase Strength & Flexibility to Decrease Pain


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  • Wow was I excited to see this article! I've suffered from low back/hip pain for 3 years and nothing seems to be working. I know I need to strengthen my core but even slow walking makes it worse. I've been trying simple back excercises and stretches but not always sure what to try and what to avoid. Everything I do hurts so I will just have to trust that these will work with consistency. I'm glad to see others with pain issues here, I feel guilty and depressed for not excercising like I want. I'd like to see more articles like this one! I also suffer from foot deformity so my mobility is limited.
  • I was having quite a bit of back pain right before I started exercising regularly. Now, I've done cardio and weight training twice per week for the last five weeks. Guess what! I don't have the back pain anymore. In fact, I noticed the difference after the first couple of workout sessions!
    Being challenged with lower back pain and arthritis , I was very happy to receive these simple exercises . Maybe if they work, I will be able to go back to treadmilling and walking.
  • I'm glad to see a few easy-to-remember exercises that actually strengthen the muscles needed to help lower back pain.
    Another terrific exercise I learned for my stomach/abs is the belly button exercise. This is going to sound silly, but really it is a good core exercise.

    You're trying to move you're belly button, up, down and to each side. There are muscles there. If you pull in the muscle at the top (right under the ribs) that's the "up" ... bottom muscle is the down and yes there are one each on the side.

    You can do this exercise at any time...

    Another great class at your YMCA is Deep Water Aqua jog. It's an aerobics class in the water where you hang suspended by a belt (sort of like you use in water skiing). I have found when my back bothers me, hangin in the water helps... plus water exercise is easier on the joints/back... and strengthens the same as the exercise in this article. We do leg circles, scissors, leg lifts.

    I haven't lost a lot of weight... maybe 8-10 pounds... but I've tightened up... but I've been at a year now.
    These really work. They helped me!!
  • Once I'm able to do more exercise again these sound like some good ideas :)

    My doctor had me stop physical therapy in December because of my back issues...I was told if I keep trying to move so much the discs in my back will rupture faster and without insurance right now I can't be speeding that up.......not that I'd want to with insurance but once I get better these will be some things I'll be able to do again :)
    Very interesting article. I have had back surgery twice. Had a herniated disk. Had surgery and . . . it came back. Had surgery again and have had minimal problems since then. If I sit for too long or in the wrong type of chair it takes me a bit of time to be able to totally stand up straight. Also, cannot lift anything heavy. Would love to learn mover aobut the inversion board.
  • As someone with skeletal problems (extra disc that isn't shut all the way, as well as degenerative disc disease), I highly recommend that everyone check with a doctor FIRST. Many people don't even know that they have structural problems, and treat their back pain as muscle weakness without ever seeing a doctor.

    Please - if it hurts, see a doctor. They may very well give you these exercises to follow (mine did), but you need to know when to ease off and go with ice or heat, rather than more exercise.
  • Thank you very much for this very useful article. I've been trying to get out walking to start a new fitness regime, and the back pain is nearly inhibiting me from doing it. I will be using these exercises, you bet!
  • I've had lower back pain for a while now. X-rays show that the bottom disk, which is fused to my hop bone, is tilted and twisted. It never came up as a problem before since I was a swimmer from age 5 on. The doctor said that the because of the swimming, my back was straight above the bottom 6" or so. The athletics also kept the muscles around the problem area strong so I had no pain. Now I'm older and the pain is getting worse. I'll have some relief once I loose weight and re-strengthen my core.

    Two things help me IMMENSLEY (not including the Advil):
    1) my gravity inversion bench - its a Yukon (
    2) my Yoga Zione DVD - Yoga for a Strong and Healthy Back.
    I'd be lost without them.
  • I have lower back pain too but it's suspiciously close to the spot where I had my epidural when giving birth to both my kids.. Talked to the OB about it and he said it probably would never go away, but if it worsen to go back to him and whatnot..

    It never did worsen but it never did go away either so I will definitely try the stretching and all and see if it eases up some.

    Great article ! :)
  • Good Article...Gave me some good tips to use! Thank You!
  • Good Article...Gave me some good tips to use! Thank You!
  • Great article I have tried some od these and I guess the key is not to over do it. It does help, that is if they are done right or it will do more harm than good, So take it easy and give it a try.

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