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Exercising with Lower Back Pain

Increase Strength & Flexibility to Decrease Pain


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  • what a blessing this article is. I have been hesitant to start exercising again after being diagnosed with three herniated disks in my lower back. I have healed but have been hesitant to do any type of exercise other than walking. I am going to start these tonight!
    I've had lower back pain since I was a teenager and hurt my back in a swimming pool. Through yoga and strength training, the pain is getting better. I also think relaxation techniques will be helpful.
  • Thanks for the exercise tips.
  • All my life I've had issues with my back-never anything that was could be diagnosed-just enough that I always have had to be aware of it. Some exercises to strengthen the back were not hard for me to do when I was in shape but a couple of days later, I could hardly move. I'll try these exercises hoping that they will help me to keep active. So often i've started an exercise program and then something goes wrong and I can hardly walk for a couple of weeks. I think I've finally accepted that this is the way it is and I'll just do the best I can.
  • I tried the exercises and they were great! I was sore afterward but after sitting on my heating pad for a bit the pain eased and I felt pretty good the rest of the day and even today. I now have hope of living a more normal life! My question is this: How often can these be done? Since they are core exercises can I do them daily?
  • Thanks,
    I have osteoarthritis in my lower back. Some say exercise doesn't help. I've gone to therapy when it seemed to make it worse. These strengthening ones should elevate some pain. I've done some of them before, but haveing them in one place helps. I'm going to do them right now.
  • I used to have a lot of back pians, mainly because I have a sitting job. I started exercises to strenghten my muscles, and no the pain is a lot better. Most days it isn't even there anymore! You just have to start out slowly, not going overboard. Maybe going to a manual therapist in the beginning to losen the muscles in your back. And then gradually, when your musles are getting stronger, the pain in your back will get less, making life more comfortable.
  • Thanks for a great article! I'm a chronic lower back pain sufferer and I do know that exercise helps. Now I'm armed to deal with it effectively.
  • Wow was I excited to see this article! I've suffered from low back/hip pain for 3 years and nothing seems to be working. I know I need to strengthen my core but even slow walking makes it worse. I've been trying simple back excercises and stretches but not always sure what to try and what to avoid. Everything I do hurts so I will just have to trust that these will work with consistency. I'm glad to see others with pain issues here, I feel guilty and depressed for not excercising like I want. I'd like to see more articles like this one! I also suffer from foot deformity so my mobility is limited.
  • I was having quite a bit of back pain right before I started exercising regularly. Now, I've done cardio and weight training twice per week for the last five weeks. Guess what! I don't have the back pain anymore. In fact, I noticed the difference after the first couple of workout sessions!
    Being challenged with lower back pain and arthritis , I was very happy to receive these simple exercises . Maybe if they work, I will be able to go back to treadmilling and walking.
  • I'm glad to see a few easy-to-remember exercises that actually strengthen the muscles needed to help lower back pain.
    Another terrific exercise I learned for my stomach/abs is the belly button exercise. This is going to sound silly, but really it is a good core exercise.

    You're trying to move you're belly button, up, down and to each side. There are muscles there. If you pull in the muscle at the top (right under the ribs) that's the "up" ... bottom muscle is the down and yes there are one each on the side.

    You can do this exercise at any time...

    Another great class at your YMCA is Deep Water Aqua jog. It's an aerobics class in the water where you hang suspended by a belt (sort of like you use in water skiing). I have found when my back bothers me, hangin in the water helps... plus water exercise is easier on the joints/back... and strengthens the same as the exercise in this article. We do leg circles, scissors, leg lifts.

    I haven't lost a lot of weight... maybe 8-10 pounds... but I've tightened up... but I've been at a year now.
    These really work. They helped me!!
  • Once I'm able to do more exercise again these sound like some good ideas :)

    My doctor had me stop physical therapy in December because of my back issues...I was told if I keep trying to move so much the discs in my back will rupture faster and without insurance right now I can't be speeding that up.......not that I'd want to with insurance but once I get better these will be some things I'll be able to do again :)

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