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Exercising with Lower Back Pain

Increase Strength & Flexibility to Decrease Pain


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Great advise. Thank you. Report
Will try this Report
great advice Report
Strengthening your core is great, but these exercises will only help back pain if your issue is muscular & not an actual spinal problem. If after 6 months you are still in pain, then there is another issue. Report
Some of us with lower back pain also have problems getting down on the floor and back up again. Instead, I found that standing core exercises help me to strengthen my abs and my back muscles. Report
I have tried these exercises and they help. Report
I have been suffering from lower back pain for a long time. I could only run upto 3k and took me 2 or 3 days to recover before my next run. My sciatica bothered me a lot. I went to a chiropractor and his treatments helped me tremendously. After 3 month's treatment all my pain was gone. Now I run 5 days a week and doing 4 k per day. No pills required... Report
I find the legs up a wall a good exercise to do for stretching away the low back ache. Report
Woke up this morning practically immobile with Sciatica from keeping my grandbaby on Saturday. Even taking anti-inflammatory pills and it matters little. All this from being unable to exercise after gallbladder surgery. *SIGH* Report
This is a really great article! I made a copy to use. Report
Thanks for your leg lift exercise suggestions. When I do it I normally lift both legs and try to keep them from touching the floor until I have completed a set of 15. I will try adding just lifting one at a time and holding it to my work out. It will probably be harder that what I am currently doing. Report
I have just recovered from back pain. My Doctor gave me some of these exercises. She also added bird dog which really helped increase range of motion & strength. But they need to be done in order to be able to do them. Report
I agree with your statement "check with your Dr first". I am not allowed any form of sit up.
Leg lifts,yes and other that would not stress the back. I also agree with try to keep moving (circulation). thanks for the input.
I have degenerative spine pain and fibromygia had both of these sice 1998 it hasn't got any better just gets worse my doctor told me if I didn't use it I will lose it he was telling I had to stop sitting and laying around cause I was in pain so I did I joined the Y and I also went thru therapy for 6 weeks then had to go some where else to take pool therapy it started helping at that point I now can walk thru the grocery store and don't have to leave before I get what I went after I also had 4 back and 2 neck surgerys I also had a back stimulater put in my back I have only been at the Y for a few days now but looking forward to getting better I know I will never get back the way I was but if I can go walking and get out and enjoy life I am going to do what I have to so I can enjoy life with my friends and family Report

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