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Eco-Exercise: Get Fit & Give Back

Plus 5 Ways to ''Green'' Your Workout


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  • It is so ironic that I would read this article one day after I did something similar. On Sunday Mornings, I decided that I would walk around my campus and pick up trash while on my walk!!!! So ironic!!!!!
  • This is something my family and I have done for years. Whatever activity we happen to be doing, we clean up our environment while we get fit and my daughter has so much fun doing something at her age. We even taken it to our vacations by volunteering at national parks.
  • Great idea!! Something I will start tomorrow when I take my walk.
  • Very good article. I eco-fish and have for 10 years or so. I always take a bag and pick up the area I'm fishing in. But I will start taking a bag with me when I walk. Thanks so much for the addiditional idea.
    My six year old son goes for eco-walks, or I should say turns all our outings into eco-walks! He is "helping keep the earth healthy"

  • What a great article! I am inspired to do some eco-running/walking!
  • This is so funny - I used to do this as a kid, me and a friend would go for walks and pick up trash in our neighborhood. For us it was just a good thing to do, who knew that a couple of 12 year olds would be part of such a big trend!
    Emptying a conventional plastic bag (not biodegradable) and reusing it along the way is just as good as using bio-bags for those who can't find or don't want to purchase the biodegradable type. Great idea! I see people doing this in my neighborhood, particularly around the middle and high schools.
  • I live in a city neighborhood, & there's enough litter that picking it up during a run would mean very little running! But I sometimes pick up litter on my way home from church on Sundays, then drop it into dumpsters & bins for recyclables. It's a spiritual practice, a way of blessing our neighborhood.

    Another ecofriendly way of exercising is to combine errands with exercise! Lately most of my runs have included stops at the bank, the post office, a friend's home to drop something off, & even the grocery store. I have a sling bag for carrying items that I'm delivering or buying. When it gets full of groceries, it's a fun challenge to see how far I can run with the load before I need to slow to a walk. I have no way of tracking the extra calories I'm expending as I run with groceries, but I know I'm taking care of myself, checking items off my to-do list, & being mindful of the earth all at the same time!
  • I absolutely love this idea!
    Great reminds me of the new inspiring book, We Are Girls Who Love to Run/Somos Chicas y A Nosotras Nos Encanta Correr by Brianna K. Grant that gives readers a glimpse into the everyday experiences of girls who find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Through running, healthy life choices, and relationship building with family and friends, these girls are ready to face challenges and achieve the goals they set!

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