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5 Exercises You Should Never Do

Do You Avoid These Danger Zones?


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  • LEEANN53
    Very helpful! Glad I read this!
  • Well, I will continue to use the outer/inner thigh adductor machine, as well as the seated leg extensions because I NEED these exercises for horseback riding. One doesn't HAVE to use a killer weight OR completely extend the legs so that the knees lock. Also, all the thigh adductor machines I have seen require the user to sit with legs more-or less outstretched. Plus, squats and lunges are bad for my bum knee.
  • Be an inspiration to those around you by making the most of each day.
  • Really nice read, Agree with third one as i have bad experience with it.
  • I'd love to say I've never done any of these but actually I've done all of them! Great explanations of why they can be damaging. Thanks
    I just returned home from the gym and read this article. I did most of these today. Doh! I will probably continue doing the inner thigh as I swim breast stroke competitively and need muscles there to snap my legs.
  • This article is 9 years old. Just wondering if perhaps there are any updates to it based on more current research? It seems like the area of fitness and what is "good" vs "not good" is always evolving.
  • Wow!! This was a great article with great information. Thank you so much for the article.
  • The moment I tried the #1,, the bar behind my head I KNEW It was NOT good ! it HURT !! Never did it after. GLAD the word is OUT on this ! TY !
  • Listen up because it's true. I'm 63 years old and am here to say that my physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, and acupuncturist are making a living off of me because of the damage these well-intended exercises have caused over the years.
  • I like that you told us the reasons the exercise might not work for us. But I really liked that you gave us alternatives.
  • Good info! I know I've been taught all of these at some point!
  • FAUST723
    Registered just to be able to leave a comment.

    As a PT for going on 5 years now, this article concisely sums up what I've had to explain a thousand times over and with accurate and detailed information. Love it, the industry needs more like this.
  • I have also heard from reliable sources that side lifts on a roman chair are dangerous because they might cause a disc in your back to slip out of place.

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