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What to Eat After You Work Out

Refuel and Recover with a Post-Workout Meal or Snack


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  • I guess it depends on the workout. These sound more like meals for Mr Olympia training. If I ate this stuff it would probably negate the calorie burn of the workout.
  • One of my favorite post-workout snacks is apple with peanut butter. Holy moly, it's delicious!
  • Very informative article. Thank you
  • You have the best articles!
  • I may not be working out hard enuf to feel hungry - often I wait to eat till afterwards b/c working out on a full stomach can bother me. So, that would be my normal meal if delaying till after exercise. Otherwise, it's tank up on water. Inter sting to keep in mind, though.
  • SAFIRE82
    A lot of the items listed here are things I avoid because they are not healthy. When I first began I still allowed a lot of them in moderation just to get started and not feel overwhelmed with too many changes all at once. But after over 3 months avoiding things like cereal, bagels, chocolate, etc is a very good thing! Those totally sabotage my weight loss.

    And I don't eat until it has been over an hour after a workout, trying to listen to my body and after workouts I do not feel hungry at all. I would be force feeding. An hour or two after the hunger hits and I am ready to go with a healthy meal. Protein, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, etc. No cereal! Oy! That is a bowl of sugar basically even if you buy a "healthy kind" and has a lot of bad for you ingredients.
  • I'm doing between 1200 and 1500 calories a day and I mostly walk. I don't feel any need to eat afterwards unless my blood sugar drops too low. A lot of these suggestions sound like meals, not snacks. I have my workouts in the afternoon, usually before dinner. I feel comfortable doing what I am.
  • Really? White bread? Chocolate milk? Call me crazy but I easily maintain my normal weight by exercising on an empty stomach, eating a low crab/grain/high fat whole foods diet and drinking water post-workout. I fuel my body with healthy fats and steer clear of "low-fat" and packaged GF foods.
  • Thank you for sharing.
  • I think for me the reality check is how many calories did I burn. I'm always surprised when what I think was a great workout only burned a few hundred calories... so using the 50% rule it means a pretty small post work out snack! However I admit I rarely eat post work out.. wait for a meal. So.... I'll keep thinking about the little snacks like an apple with peanut butter or some carrots and humus...
  • 10000STEPSADAY
    My main exercise time is 40-80 mins walking and this is usually sometime between 8pm & 10pm. A handful of mixed nuts should suffice, I'm guessing?
  • I eat after my noon cardio, usually a sandwich of eggs or peanut butter. I do not eat after my evening cardio...I am not hungry then.
  • Sorry I like your article alot but I just can't wrap my head around the notion of eating after a workout.
    Thanks Dean for this article, I needed this, when I come home after a workout I am so hungry, I'll try your tips. Thank you so much! :)

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