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8 Lessons from ''The Biggest Loser''

Advice to Take Away from the Show


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  • I agree on the motivational comments in the article, but with an average loss of more than 100 lbs in 12 weeks, that's 8.3 lbs lost on average EACH week - not at all healthy. I don't watch the show for that reason - I find I am less motivated because of the massive losses I see, and although I know it's not healthy, it's hard to see all that 'success' (as unhealthy as it may be) and stay on track for my .5 to 1.5 per week.
  • I love the biggest loser. Along with having weight issues, there are underlying reasons as to why their is a weight problem. Bob and Jillian has helped many people get to those sources, which in itself is a major accomplishment. I look at the contestants on the show, and I say to myself, I can do it too!!!
    I'm sure there are good things to learn from Biggest Loser, but in the end they ARE producing a TV show. Many of us on Spark People know all about intense periods of pushing ourselves, losing weight and staying in control... followed by the all-too-familiar reaction to those periods of excessive control in our lives. Spark People is so much saner than that, teaching us to deal with real life, not the all-or-nothing mentality of the diet industry.
    While this article contained lots of good advice and motivation, I'm concerned that the contestants lost over 100 pounds in 12 weeks. That doesn't seem healthy to me. Also I'd like to know what the recidivism rate is. As most of us know, losing the weight is only part of the problem--most obese people have lost weight many times. The issue is keeping it off.
  • That was the best article I've ever read on Spark. Everyone trying to lose weight should read this.
  • Great article. I am amazed at how much weight these obese people lose within 12 weeks of being serious with diet and exercise. Makes me realize that it doesn't need to take that long to see results.
    An article that I needed to read at this time. I've hit my 30 lb mark. In the past, I've always "celebrated" this mark by giving up and just going back to my old habits. This article is very motivating - a good one to share with family and friends. Thanks.
    An article that I needed to read at this time. I've hit my 30 lb mark. In the past, I've always "celebrated" this mark by giving up and just going back to my old habits. This article is very motivating - a good one to share with family and friends. Thanks.
  • I totally agree with everything in the article but I have always disliked "The Biggest Loser" show because they seem totally focused on only measuring success by weight loss and they push and reward contestants who lose more than a few pounds a week which we know is NOT healthy, even for the most the obese. Additionally, the contestants are not in a real life setting so it makes me wonder how many of them are really able to adapt their newly learned habits to thier real lives when they go home for the long term. Lastly, I find it to be negative sometimes because the competitiveness between the contestants turns ugly especially when the stakes get higher. I think SP is way above all that, thank goodness! :-)
  • The Biggest Loser is what encouraged me to take steps to become healthier by changing my diet and exercising. It is responsible for me joining Sparkpeople. Another thing is the quote in the show's song is very inspiring to me. "What have you done today to make you feel proud." I say it (sing it) to myself all the time. These Biggest Loser tips are right on the money.
    This Article is right on the money! I have lost 120 lbs. over 2.5 years and can relate to the emotions and pitfalls that come along the way. I wish the biggest looser would include more health concerns - - like tracking heart rates during workouts.
    I think that this was a good article.

    In reading the comments, I thought that several people missed the point. There are definite negatives to The Biggest Loser approach which is why we are embarked on the Sparkpeople program. I have been through the rapid weight loss before with subsequent weight gains. The point of the article is that even though there are some differences in basic philosopy, there are some definite lessons that we can learn from the show.

    The lessons that are highlighted in this article apply to any change of lifestyle whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. I sent a copy of this article to my pastor commenting that the lessons would apply to spiritual changes as well as physical.
  • Yes WOMEN can too! Alli- A Woman won the biggest loser-Women can lose lots of weight too, especially if they have a winner's attitude like Alli did. Alli is my hero and my inspiration!
  • I don't watch the show, but know the concepts. I started reading the article and in th every beginning it talks about how some of the most successful teams encourage each other to follow thier diets and exercise longer. I stopped reading, put on my running clothes and headed out for the run I had been putting off today, I did 5.5 miles and it was very good and I am very proud of myself. I got home, stetched then cooked the meal I had already planned out so my calories were reasonable. I was Sparked into action.

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