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Find Your Perfect Weight - Part 3

Only You Can Decide What's Good Enough


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  • You’re at your ideal body weight when:

    **You can accept your body as it is, without feeling uncomfortably self-conscious. **
    You can enjoy being in your own skin, without worrying too much about how you compare to others (or cultural ideals).

    I have been kind of stuck for finding motivation. After losing 100 pounds, and feeling so good, losing more just does not seem as important. The above criteria brings home to me that if I want to continue losing, I will need to seek other motivation, cuz right now, I feel GOOD!

    I will be reading the first 2 installments of this series to see if I can find a way to find my "ideal" weight & work towards that.

    Thanks for a great article!
    Excellent article--getting to the HEART of things in more ways than one.
    I always love Coach Dean's articles! This will help me make the right decision for ME.
  • I agree with KateinDC.
    This is a powerful article for everyone, no matter what your goals are.
    I will read and reread this a lot. I need to learn what this article has to share with me through my journey.
    Thank you coach Dean for a down to earth no nonesense article, your a real role model.
    Big HUGS to you.

    Coach Dean, as usual, you have hit the nail squarely on the head & for that, I thank you!!
  • I agree with KateinDC! This article is so powerful...and something I so needed to hear. Though most of the time, this is a journey to a healthy lifestyle, those nasty numbers on the scale can sometimes set me off course. I will be thinking about this final question all day. Coach Dean, you did it again. I so appreciate your honesty when you write - sometimes it's tough to read - but you make the most impact in my journey! Thank you!
  • This is such a powerful article and should be a must read for all Spark Members.

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