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What to Eat Before You Work Out

Eating Before Exercise for Maximum Results


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    Yep, Cliff bars are pretty tasty. Cliff has also started making Luna bars targeted more towards women which are also pretty good. You may want to check the nutrition information to make sure they are right for you, but they taste pretty awesome. (I mean, they're not a Snickers, but compared to other energy bars or even granola bars they are really great!)
    Baseballmom: Clif bars are delicious and come in a variety of flavours! I eat half of one before a two-hour workout and it kept me full and focused 'til the very end.
  • Can anyone recommend a good energy bar?
  • I am one who has a snack (even just a cup of OJ or a banana does the trick) before AM workouts to avoid the low energy, nasty lightheadded, fainty feeling after the first 20 minutes of cardio. Everyone else I know says you should definitely NOT eat before AM workouts. Good to know my instincts were correct - and that I'm not sabotaging my workouts as much as I thought.
  • I work out at 4am so I have no appetite that time in the morning. Great to know that this is OK. Have been wondering for awhile now.

    Great Information !!!!
  • Great tips! Now I understand those annoying mid-cardio crashes.
    When i work out first thing in the morning, i don't eat. and I'm good.
    When i work out later in the day (e.g. lunchtime) , i do eat 1-2 pieces of fruit because i am hungry, and need something to hold me over until after my workout, at which point i have lunch.

    good, common sense article!
  • Thank you! I am always in a hurry in the morning, so I usually just grab a South Beach cereal bar, but I also like to fix and peel hard-boiled eggs ahead of time and keep them in the fridge to grab before I leave for the gym. These are some great suggestions.
  • Thank you for putting into plain English what I've been trying to figure out on my own for the last six months!! My workouts tend to be higher intensity and I haven't been able to lose a single pound. I knew it was a calories in-calories out problem but I couldn't find the solution. This article was very helpful, and knowing WHAT to eat is a huge help too.
  • As a diabetic I was never sure what to do because I do tent to become really tired after only 15 or 20 minutes. I will start with a small snack before hand so that I don't give up before my workout is over.
  • Great article. But for me, I never eat before exercise.
  • Nice to clear up the "eating before a workout burns those calories first" myth. I usually eat AFTER exercise. Interesting that I might want to consider a light snack an hour or so before exercising.
    I have always wondered if I should eat before I exercise... I'm glad to see that my choosing to eat a snack shortly before my workouts is not a bad thing! Thanks!
    Thanks for the information. It widens my choice of snacks in future. I usually drink a cup of skim milk and eat 6 - 8 almonds before starting my 2-hour walking (at moderate/slow pace) and I feel comfortable.
  • I thought I was wierd for feeling full from the night before when working out in the morning. Now I know its OK! Good read.

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