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What to Eat Before You Work Out

Eating Before Exercise for Maximum Results


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  • LINDA120659
    When I work out in the morning, I found that just a couple of spoonfuls of Yogurt helped eliminate feeling light headed. I would then finish the yogurt after my workout with plenty of water.
  • This is a great article. I realize also one day when I had water before my excercise it did make my work out easier.
  • Great article! I've always been curious about pre-working habits because I hear different things from everywhere so it's great to have this cleared up. I have personally noticed that I tend to lack "natural" energy prior to workouts and even by tracking my daily food intake, it was plain to see that I'm not getting enough carbs in my diet which is why my energy levels are lacking.
  • I try to eat in the morning but I work out at 6:00am I get up at 5:45 to make it to the gym by 6 so I eat after I work out.
    Thanks for the great article- I learned this the hard way a couple of years ago while going "low carb" and trying to maintain my running distances/pace. Can you say BONK?!!! I leared that if I was going to exercise, carbs had to be a part of my diet.
  • I have never eaten before exercising. Today, I tried eating some oatmeal an hour before exercising, and I noticed a difference. I felt more energized!
    I have always been a morning person and therefore exercise very early in the morning before breakfast. I have never had a problem with low energy levels because of this.. Unfortunately though, I have a ferocious appetite afterwards. I find that a breakfast with plenty of protein ( I try to keep it reasonably lean) and few carbs takes care of my hunger for hours.
  • Good info !
  • this article is so helpful though i haven't checked yet on the calories but i love to eat a fiber one bar in between meals.
    Yep, Cliff bars are pretty tasty. Cliff has also started making Luna bars targeted more towards women which are also pretty good. You may want to check the nutrition information to make sure they are right for you, but they taste pretty awesome. (I mean, they're not a Snickers, but compared to other energy bars or even granola bars they are really great!)
    Baseballmom: Clif bars are delicious and come in a variety of flavours! I eat half of one before a two-hour workout and it kept me full and focused 'til the very end.
  • Can anyone recommend a good energy bar?
  • I am one who has a snack (even just a cup of OJ or a banana does the trick) before AM workouts to avoid the low energy, nasty lightheadded, fainty feeling after the first 20 minutes of cardio. Everyone else I know says you should definitely NOT eat before AM workouts. Good to know my instincts were correct - and that I'm not sabotaging my workouts as much as I thought.
  • I work out at 4am so I have no appetite that time in the morning. Great to know that this is OK. Have been wondering for awhile now.

    Great Information !!!!
  • Great tips! Now I understand those annoying mid-cardio crashes.

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