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What to Eat Before You Work Out

Eating Before Exercise for Maximum Results


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  • First, if you work out in the morning on an empty stomach our body is going to bring out glycogen stored in the liver and take it to muscle to be broken down into glucose.
    Second, exercising in the morning with a piece of fruit and 1 cup of milk, your muscles are going to retrieve glucose that is been there in the blood stream for energy. So by this being said, there is less effort for the muscles to uptake energy for your work out. Consequently, glycogen will only leave the liver when low or no glucose flows in the blood. So stored glycogen and fat will always be in their reservours until later in the work out or even not leave their storage places (liver and adipose tissue) at all.

    p.s. Information based on my human anatomy and physiology class.
  • A word of warning. If you are doing high intensity training or running, you may want to avoid milk right before a workout. When exercise stomach acid hits milk, it can cause an upset stomach. People have been known to throw up from exercising too soon after drinking milk.
  • I usually eat before my work out otherwise my first thought when I get back in the house is "food" and then I don't make such good choices. So a meal about an hour before and then some fruit or something light within a few hours after works best for me.
  • I eat a protein and a fruit about 3 hours before an intense workout. mainly my 2+ hours of mma training. If its less than that I don't need anything unless I'm cutting weight. Then I need to plan my limited carbs so that they peak when I need them to still train energized.

    Basically unless you're doing a very serious workout you don't need a preworkout snack. But there's still nothing wrong with grabbing a banana an hour or two before so that the sugars are there to make you go harder
  • I like to have a Larabar and 8 ounces of water before my workouts, esp. since I workout in the morning. If I don't, I usually get a headache after. :-)
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  • This article states two conflicting "facts". 1) you don't actually use the food you just ate during your workout, you use what is stored. and 2) make sure you get a snack with quick digesting carbs before you workout so your body has fuel readily available.

    This is kind of important body science....So, which is it?
  • I almost skipped this article because I assumed it was geared more for "heavy duty" exercising/healthy/fit people. This has helped me understand why I have such a hard time getting started. The first 15-20 minutes is so hard. I get dizzy, more tired, I feel so heavy and worry I am having heart problems because it scares me. I was recently diagnosed with asthma and thought it was related to that somehow. I had hoped my medicine would be the cure. I now believe that it is the low blood sugar problem you addressed in your article. I will follow your recommendations! I thank you so very much! I am actually, for the first time, looking forward to working out tomorrow! God bless you! SS
    For me, eating protein and sugar prior to and after a workout seems to curb cravings and help me not to overindulge in other high calorie snacks throughout the day. Example: I'll grab an apple and scramble an egg to put on toast, and have those with a glass of water before heading to the gym (about 30-40 minutes prior to actual hard work). Afterward, I'll eat half a grapefruit and enjoy a grilled chicken breast salad from Subway with lots of fresh veggies and little bit of oil and vinegar as dressing (dinner!). :) I've found that working a workout in before one of my main meals is very helpful.
  • I found the article a little confusing. At one point the author said to stay away from whole grains because they digest slowly and then later on it is suggest to eat them. Which is the right way? And aren't we supposed to only eat whole grains (I took what was said about pretzels/bagels to mean not whole grain).
  • JAN6325
    I always drink a (8.25 oz) light "Muscle Milk" before my workout and one after my workout. Usually in the car on my way to the gym and then one on my way home. It is just what I need to get me through.
  • That's not a picture of pie! It looks like a pineapple ring with cottage cheese on top. I bet it would taste satisfying like pie, though! :)
  • Very good and helpful information, now I will be more likely to eat before going on that high power am walk.
    T was kind of hoping you were going to tell me I had to eat that pie!
    I ike a cereal bar before working out, but I will try a banana today instead

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