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Go Green with Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips


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  • Vinegar and Lemon juice are both acids and I find they are interchangeable. Try it for coffee pots and removing deposits when cleaning a humidifier, especially the small ones that are used in bedrooms in winter. Pat in Maine.
  • I used to hang clothes outside, but can't because of allergies. I do have 3 clothes racks that I use for permanent press and delicate clothing.

    I prefer to wipe down counters with a damp rag and dust with microfiber cloths, but I use paper towels when I'm preparing food. I can't see using an old cloth or dish towel to put raw meat or fish on to drain after it's been washed.
    Thanks for sharing.
  • They make microfiber clothes that you can use for your Swiffer mop head. You don't have to throw it out! Just stick anything on it that will fit, even old clothes or whatever.
  • Thanks for the new ideas
  • Great ideas Thank you It's great to eliminate the chemicals from my house.
  • If you already own a Swiffer, I'd suggest cutting your rags to fit the head. Then you can use them as washable Swiffer covers. There also lots of patterns online for knitters and crocheters who want to make their own reusable covers.
    I'm excited to do my spring cleaning this weekend! We have someone to come clean the house next weekend after we've thrown a lot of things away. It's going to be great to have the house be uncluttered.

    Tara |
  • I liked the article. I was surprised to see the recommendation to use microfiber cleaning cloths. They're expensive and buying rags is not green. I'd recommend old cotton t-shirts. I have some that are still cleaning after 20 years.
  • Thanks for the reminders.
    The picture for this article is of a woman cleaning the countertops. She is holding a spray bottle. Why is the vinegar cleaning solution blue?
  • I have found that essential oils are great for so many things. I use them all over the house.
    I have a Swifter, which I rarely use because it damages my wood floors. The Casabella recommendation is just what I need - something that can be thrown into the wash, as opposed to a sponge mop. The model with the canister is even better because then you don't have to fill a bucket.
    Good article but it needed more emphasis on cutting up your clothes and using them for cleaning rags if possible or just throwing them out. Donating your clothes is very hard on the environment. Fuel to transport them, fuel to clean them, fuel to haul them to the landfill after they are rejected by the Salvation Army, etc. Yes, the vast majority of the clothes IS rejected. Also, Africa doesn't need your used sweatshirt. They are drowning in used clothing (shipped at great environmental cost by boat usually) that usually ends up being sold, not giving away. Further, our "donations" have destroyed their own clothing related industries. Cut up or trash your old clothing people! Better yet, don't buy more clothing than you need in the first place.

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