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The Truth About Green Tea

A Health Powerhouse or Mostly Hype?


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  • I have drank tea every day since childhood brewed fresh no sweetener no lemon. For about the past ten years I have drank green tea in the same manner. At first I thought the taste was weak so I brewed it stronger and it then gets bitter. Finally, I used one regular tea bag and about 5 green tea bags to make my tea and it seems to work great. I now just drink either green or black oblong.
    I have recently traded my morning cup of coffee with a morning cup of green tea. I drink it straight - no added sweeteners. I like the slight bitter taste at the end.
  • My favourite is rooibos with vanilla!!!
  • AISLYNG144
    I have a great store by me, Teavana. It sells some of the highest quality teas available. They are loose teas, organic, and they carry (in order of least caffeinated) white tea, green tea, herbal tea, oolong tea, red tea, black tea, and matte. Green tea is hailed for its numerous health benefits, but even healthier than green tea is white tea! It has less caffeine more antioxidants and more added benefits. On the negative side white tea is more expensive due to its superior quality. I am a white tea addict. I have at least 2 glasses per day with a teaspoon of white honey, it really helps me unwind and relax. You can visit Teavana online. You may find it a fun healthy and peace inducing ritual.
  • I LOVE TEA!!! I fancy a good green every now and then, but I am addicted to RED and herbal teas. It is soooo calming and wonderful!
  • I love green tea, but do you get the same benefit from all green tea that are sold in stores. It seen like everything has green tea in it, there is the bottle green tea, all types of green tea bags, instant green tea. I have drinked the real green tea when I was in Japan and it really does works wonders, but the green tea I drink here do not measure up.
  • I like to make a 3 cup pot of green tea in the morning. I drink a cup of it hot with half of an orange juiced into it... and then later that day at some point I add it as the liquid for my fruit smoothies.

  • I'm not a big hot tea drinker...I had never thought of making green tea into iced tea but will give it a try. I did buy some green tea with pomegranate, it was good but the taste reminded me of the smell of a gift shop that sells scented candles ( if that makes sense ) very apple cinammony...I'll get regular green tea to make the iced tea.
  • I do enjoy green tea, however it is my understanding that black white and oolong teas provide the same benefits as green tea. They all contain the same antoxidant and polyphenols
    I haven't cared for green tea, cold or hot, how can I learn to enjoy the benefits of this tea. I drink Oolong right now on the suggestion of a my chinese herbalist friend.
  • SHARYN48
    Geen tea is what I drink midmoring at work. It seems to calm me and make me feel like I'm doing something special for myself amidst alot of commotion. At home on the week ends I make green tea in my coffee pot by putting several tea bags in the glass pitcher and letting the hot water run threw the system and then it sits and steams for awhile. Sooo soothing.
  • hi people,
    nice article.i like green tea too.but instead of brewing
    with water i use milk instead and get my three glasses
    recommended daily through this means.does anybody
    if this is okay?am i still getting the benefits of green tea?
    does crystal light green tea have the same effects?
    I drink green tea with lemon and also green tea with ginseng and I add a little honey to it.
  • Yay for mentioning my school :)

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