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The Truth About Green Tea

A Health Powerhouse or Mostly Hype?


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  • I love grean tea and mint grean tea when my stomach needs settling. Has anyone tried oolong tea?
    Just one more article, and reason, to buy some green tea and drink a cup or two everyday!
  • I love Green Tea and Yerba Matte Tea, too.
    Lovely reading so many comments about green tea. I knew it does help in weight loss.
    I would like to hear more about your comments on white tea!
    Is this true that one should drink green tea only after meal to reduce weight or one before and one after each meal ?
    I would like to hear from you if there a limit that one should not drink more than so many cups of green tea or one could drink any amount of green tea through out the day when ever one wishes to drink it?
  • Not to mention that it's a great cleanser! I love it!
  • Green tea is great to have any time of day. I love it iced, as well as hot.
  • I love a cup of hot brewed green tea after lunch...somehow it helps me feel better especially after a heavy lunch.
  • I like Green tea - cold or warm!! But have you tried White Tea - we have a brand at our supermarket called Lotus Peak. White Tea has been less 'interfered' with by the hands of humans - and this may mean it's healing powers are stronger than black and green teas.
    Oh yes and it tastes lovely - the following link has a bit more detail -
  • I drink AZ diet Green Tea with Ginsing at dinner meals and lunch also on the weekends. I weighed in this morning - down 16 lbs in two months.

    Also my blood pressure was 106/60 so maybe the green tea does help lower blood pressure.

  • I mix one bag of Candy Cane Lane with regular green tea. It is simply the best. I have to buy it up at the hollidays and freeze it as the health stores run out.
  • Besides, ginsing is a separate thing from green tea (as someone else also mentioned). You may be able to purchase a particular brand of green tea that has ginsing ADDED, but it is very easy to find a multitude of varities of green tea with no ginsing at all.
  • Someone wrote:
    "If you have high blood pressure you should not drink green tea, the ginseng will counter your blood pressure medicine, and won't help you medically."

    According to the article from SparkPeople that is not true.

    "Researchers have discovered green tea is loaded with antioxidants, specifically polyphenols. This type helps to fight against free radicals. Free radical molecules cause “bad” cholesterol to form plaque on the inside walls of the body’s arteries. Polyphenols are said to stop this, as well as to relax blood vessels. Therefore, green tea is also effective in reducing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure."
  • Green Tea is soooo good. I make a gallon and keep it in the fridge. Iced or hot I love it . On the plus side I have been drinking it for years and didn't even know it was good for me... All my kids drink it too...
    Just started to drink green tea,love it!! Thank you for such an informative article.Learned about how its affects on my over all health.THANKS!!
  • I love to buy the lemongrass-green tea at ARGO teas, sold by the bulk. It is really delicious and I sweeten it with cactus honey granules. I get the granules at the Asian Markets.

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