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The Truth About Green Tea

A Health Powerhouse or Mostly Hype?


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This is such a great blog post! Very good information! Appreciating the hard work you put into your site and detailed information you present. It’s awesome blog.
Great article, very balanced. I really appreciate you pointing out the differences between promising leads in small studies not yet duplicated, and findings based on multiple studies that have been successfully replicated over large sample sizes. Thank you! Report
Green tea makes me feel awful. Just one mug and I was shaking and felt as if I had had twenty large mugs of coffee : Increased heart rate, sweats, nervousness. I checked the Mayo clinic's website and sure enough, it is a common affect of green tea. That's where I found that people taking coumadin (or warfarin) should check with their doctors about drinking green tea. My uncle loves green tea, but is on warfarin. Thank you for mentioning the possible bad, or side effects of green tea, and reminding people on medications to check with their physicians before getting too cozy with anything they ingest. Just because it is Natural, doesn't mean it is right for you! Thanks. Report
Very interesting! I personally prefer white tea because I find it tastes a lot more 'normal' than green tea, which is too overpowering and odd flavour for me. If I do have green tea, I often add jasmine tea leaves as well with the green tea leaves so it's more appetising. I was very surprised by the statements that green tea "can also decrease the absorption of iron and folic acid". i hoenstly did not know! As someone who has had anaemia before, I will make sure that I only have green tea between meals and never with a meal so that it doesn't stop me absorbing the iron. Thanks! Report
I like iced tea, green tea, and flavored teas, and I've only been drinking them because I like them, not because I thought there were some kind of superpowers. LOL Report
My new favorite green tea is Japanese Cherry from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This tea is light and has just enough of the cherry flavor that no sweetner is needed. I find it really quenches a thirst as well. You can use 1 bag to make 2 pitchers as well! Report
I love drinking green tea and have all kinds in my cupboard. I love to drink it hot or cold, I can't live without my green tea! Report
I enjoy Bigelow Constant Comment and Earl Grey Green teas. They have all the benefits of green tea, but the taste of some of my other favorite black teas. Report
i love green tea! Report
I make a glass of iced green tea and squeeze a wedge of lemon into it. It tastes a little different... and is absolutely delicious!... plus it adds nutrients from the fresh lemon! This is my favorite way to drink tea. Report
i like to make green tea and throw in crystal light for a diffrent flavor Report
I love my Green Tea. I DO take alot of it in Pill form. The one I get at Walmart called GREEN TEA Fat burner. I do NOT use if for FAT BURNING, as I have NEVER seen it do anything for me in that respect....but I DO believe in all the other properties ! Report
Tazo green teas are the best Report
I've got some in the cupboard right now. I was thinking of having it as an evening wind-down sort of thing (caffeine free, of course). Think I'll try it out tonight. Report
During the summer, I like to keep a pitcher of green tea in the fridge. I brew it by steeping tea bags in cold water (like sun tea without the sun) - saves energy if nothing else. It just takes longer than using hot water. Report

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