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3 Strategies to Prevent Relapse After Reaching Your Goal Weight

Winning the Mental Game


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If you learn to love your life while losing, you'll have a better chance at keeping it off. Report
Great article! Report
Good points! Report
Thank You Report
Losing weight is not that hard for me - it's KEEPING it off has always been my biggest challenge! This was very helpful! Report
Maintenance is difficult, but the consequence of NOT maintaining the healthy lifestyle is MORE difficult. Report
Thanks for the great tips Report
Thank you for this article and the ideas you presented. I finally have reached goal (for the 2nd time) and have had a hard time finding advise on how to maintain. Report
Great article! Now I want to apply the ideas! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
As I read this article I thought, "This is well written." Then I looked at the author. Dean Anderson. His articles are always always worth reading and this one is no exception. I still have about 25 pounds to go before I have to struggle with maintenance but I hope I remember to reread this article. It's a gem Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Things we need to remember to avoid relapse Report
Wonderful tips! Report
Thanks! Report

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