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25 Ways You Could Get Back on Track Today

Don't Give Up on Your Goals!


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  • just starting out again and this is what i need to help me
  • I needed to read this right now! I really liked the part about expecting perfection sets you up for failure. I need to remember this, and that it is ok if I go off track ever now and then. Just because I don't eat in my calorie range for a day or two, or don't work out every day, doesn't mean I've failed and need to quit all together. It just means I'm human, and I can try again!
  • Joining Curves did it for me. Paying money to work out is a great motivator.
  • Tracking everything I eat is a major help,makes me realize how much I am actually eating and keeps track of calories
  • Drinking the water always helps me to get back into the swing of things.
  • Thanks! I needed this.
  • I think this is one of the most helpful articles I've read on Spark People when it comes to losing your way and getting back on track. I have used and still do use most of these tips and they really do help. I come back to this one often.... it's a keeper!

    Thank you!
  • I love this article! We can not demand perfection of ourselves - it will have the opposite effect, we are only human! So, let's be kind to ourselves and remember we are not "on a diet" but rather a journey through life. We should help ourselves and others!
    Reading this article really "woke me up". I've been especially tired for the last few weeks due to work stress, and haven't worked out or tracked my food intake at all. I will work out at least 10 minutes before going to work today, and will pick one other item from the suggestions to get back on track . (The work stress is not going away, so I have to figure out a way to keep moving forward in spite of it.)
  • Ok no more sitting around myself that I will work out tomorrow and then never actually do it. I will work out tonight. As soon as I get home I will jump into my work out clothes and get it done \o/. Thank-you for the article I definitely needed it.
  • really needed this article...I have gotten SO far out of control again in the past about a year due to stress, that I need to start ALL over again. Have gained even a little more than I was originally at and this article simply snapped my garter so to speak. Not sure how to reset everything here to start again, but will work on figuring that out...
  • I just keep focused on the long term goal. I KNOW I am going to screw up once in a while. I do not let it bother me.
  • Spark People has helped me get back on track, and stay on it for more than my usual 2 weeks. Thank You for a GREAT website.
  • I sooo needed this article....time to get back on track!!!
  • I'm returning to good habits; not 'starting over' because life gets lived daily, regardless of what I do with each day, but RETURNING. Today.

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