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25 Ways You Could Get Back on Track Today

Don't Give Up on Your Goals!


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  • This could not have come at a better time. After a bad week I got up this morning determined to start again and needed this motivation. Thanks Spark People again.
  • Someone once said to me "if you stumble at the top of the steps, you don't just throw yourself the rest of the way down. You grab the rail and steady yourself and continue walking down the steps." As you can tell, it has stuck with me!
  • This is a really helpful article - I read lots of articles on Sparkpeople, and this one had more practical, helpful tips than most. Thanks so much!
  • This is a great article, esp the links to various suggestions. I need to figure out how to save articles for future reference! Thanks!
  • Got to keep pushing toward success.
  • I'm back to tracking at least part of the time. I seem to make it through breakfast and lunch and the first range of motion exercises of the day. Sometimes I run out of time getting the rest of my tracking done before bedtime. but I'm Sparking!
    "Even five minutes is better than nothing." Thanks for that reminder, Nicole!!
  • I've kept my nutrition on track but need to work on activity. Hitting the gym today.
  • Great article. It gave wonderful pointers on how to stay on track.

  • Great article! I have been back on track for 53 days now, I'm doing really great with the meal planning, I even got my self through the holidays with no problems. I am far worse at staying motivated to exercise, especially with this frigid weather.
  • #14 is a great idea. I always check the nutritional information before I head out. There is usually always a nutritional meal at most any restaurant. Plan ahead!
  • MSARIES007
    This is what I needed to get back on track
  • Thank you, Love this
  • Thank you needed this today really !!!!!
  • Perfectly timed- I'm "back on track" starting this week, and am still at te warm-up stage, but am already feeling better (psychologically, it's amazing what knowing you're making progress does for the self-image!). Thankfully, it is summer, and most of my eercise at this point is of necessity (weekdeating, push mowing the yard, gardening) but it's a great way to get back on track. Thanks for the motivational article!! Mental readiness is a big part of this!

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