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25 Ways You Could Get Back on Track Today

Don't Give Up on Your Goals!


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    I just joined Sparks on the 23rd of July. I have always been a person who is good one day and not so good for the next 3 or 4 . I just had 2 knee replacements done in November, retired from my job in March & I have a lot of weight to loose. Your 25 tips I believe has given me the motivation ti never give up. Thanks, as of today I am starting anew & I will always remember your advice.
  • This article really helped me-the quote is on my frig now and I am using this as my self talk this week susan
  • Great article !!
  • Thank you for this article. I've been really stressed this days and yesterday I skiped lunch and ended up eating chips, popcorn and chocolate cake! But now I know not everything is lost, I'll take your advice and come back step by step.
  • JUDYB1942
    Good stuff. I have been off point since I hurt my foot a couple of months ago (just as I was getting back on track). Now after PT and a special boot I am getting better. I am bookmarking this one. Good stuff!
  • thanks for the article. I will save it as one of my favorites so I can read it again win I find myself getting off track.
  • Thank you! This really will help me!

    I miss my fruits and veggies and full cups of refreshing water!!

    But my attitude is still moving and grooving!

    I wish everyone here will keep their attitudes high 100%!!

  • BEIDA0807
    All the suggestions in here are great! I've been getting more and more off track the past couple of weeks and now I'm determined to get back into healthy eating and exercise with even more dedication that before, thanks for these pointers!
  • Many times I have looked at the clock and said, well I only have 5 minutes before I have to time to get on the treadmill, or sit on the ball, or stretch. Nicole, as usual, you read my mind! You're the best!
  • I needed this today!!! Thanks!
  • As so many others mentioned, this is exactly what I needed today. : )
  • Boy, did I need this! I've been so bogged down with work and other stress this week that I've only exercised once and have hardly had more than a couple glasses of water---I'm off to restart myself! Thanks so much for sending this!
  • This is a great article! I've been eating the sweet concoction that I created over th last 3 days. I lost 41 pounds over a 8 month period. My beginning weight was 193. I currently weigh 159. I've gained! I started out working out 20 mins and then over time increase to 75 to 80 mins on the treadmill 4 to 6 days a week. I started September 29th 2007. I probably should start back using my Bally's memebership. Lately I've been slippin. I've been eating more carbs! Mainly Pretzels This article will help me stay on track! Thanks! ( :
    At WW meetings, you'd hear of the "all or nothing" attitude. "Well, I've blown my diet for the day . . . what's the use? I may as well eat the rest of that bag of cookies and watch a movie."

    Detrimental attitude.

    This article is encouraging. If you fall, you just get back up and get going again. Tracking food, measuring out portions . . . getting back to basics.

    Let's do this!!!!
  • Perfect timing, I sure NEEDED to read this article today! Thank you for such great articles.

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