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25 Ways You Could Get Back on Track Today

Don't Give Up on Your Goals!


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  • just the reminder I needed to kick my own butt back into gear! - 8/14/2009 10:49:54 AM
  • Thank you Nicole!

    I've copied some of these inspirational words into my journal, and am planning on hanging a couple in places I can't miss them everyday! - 8/13/2009 12:05:39 PM
  • What a great article. Especially loved the idea of walking away from your goal versus walking toward it. Hello to my "dog lover" friends!
    - 7/10/2009 1:53:09 PM
  • Wow! This is article is a step in the right direction and that's exactly what I'm gonna do, take a step forward and walk with Leslie Sansone today. Thanks, Coach Nicole - 7/2/2009 7:35:28 AM
  • Boy, i have been trying and losing a little at a time. When I think of how much I have to go I mentally fall of the wagon. This is what I needed to mentally kick my own butt. Thanks SP. You have done it again. - 6/27/2009 10:24:53 PM
    Lately, I've been flailing around like a dachsund treading water in a tsunami! These can-do, practical steps are entirely doable...and I'm doing them today! Thanks, Coach Nicole! - 6/27/2009 1:11:16 PM
    Exactly what I needed to hear! New streak starts today. Off to the gym I go! - 6/27/2009 12:45:40 PM
    Thanks for the article, I really needed to get back on track and those ideas are God sent. - 6/25/2009 5:02:40 PM
  • thank you for this article. i really appreciate it. - 6/14/2009 11:07:08 PM
  • Got sick this week, feeling a little "blue" ontop of it.... This is all stuff I know but needed to be reminded. Thanks! - 6/14/2009 10:43:52 AM
  • Wonderful article. Just what I needed on a rainy morning to stay on track. - 6/14/2009 9:06:05 AM
    Thank you Coach Nicole! We had our first long dreary-day of several hours of rain today. While very much needed for the plants, it wasn't needed for my forward progress. I got a chance for a late night walk/run with the dog when the mist finally let up - even a small workout really helps you feel back in control. Thanks! - 6/6/2009 11:56:49 PM
    OK, so I've been really watching my food intake and walking and weight training for 3 weeks. I have lost a total of 2 pounds, one of which came back this morning. I am 53 and have gone from 135 to 146 in the last 2 years--bummer. But, I am staying with it, with motivation from you guys... - 6/5/2009 9:46:22 AM
    Perfect timing! I started losing weight about 4 weeks ago and was losing my initial enthusiasm. I am sticking to it-thanks for the inspiration and practical advice. - 6/5/2009 8:25:14 AM
  • I truly needed this today. I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the broken legs and my inability to do as much exercise as I'd like...but by doing other things I can avoid backsliding and keep moving forward...I think I can...I think I can...I think I can... - 5/23/2009 1:38:11 AM

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