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25 Ways You Could Get Back on Track Today

Don't Give Up on Your Goals!


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  • Simple ways to stay motivated - or rekindle a Spark that's sputtering :) Thanks!
  • Great quck ideas that I need to print!
  • thank you, nicole.
    Very timely. Thank you.
  • MARK1963113
    Thanks for the article. I really needed to read this today.
  • I've been off since August and have not been able to even come close to getting back on.HUGE THANKS for this article-you're so right-taking small steps is moving in the right direction-consistent small steps-I know I can do that.Thanks so much.I needed this so much-desperate here.I've already gained back 17 pounds I'd worked so hard to loose.
  • I thank my Sparkfriend, IZZYBEBOP, for bringing his article to my attention. This is a great motivational article and couldn't have come at a better time!
  • Really liked this reminder:

    "In fact, if you can consistently win a few more points that you lose, you may end up in the hall of fame."
    I have to think that this article was a gift from GOD. I've been off track since the week of Thanksgiving. Reading this article makes me want to go put in a fitness tape and workout today, which I hadn't planned on doing. I will definitely be saving this article, better yet I think I'll print it out and put it on my calendar to read EVERY day!
    This is exactly what I needed...have been off track since Sep.
  • As usual, I got off track after loosing 5 lbs. It just seems like success and I tend to reward myself by eating what I want and skipping the workouts! This is a good reminder to get back on track before I gain back all 5 pounds!
  • I've been slacking lately and need to get back on track...thanks sparkpeople for helping me with the motivating to start again TODAY!
  • This is a great article. I have just been diagnosed with Diabetes and wondering what I should do to get back on track. I realize again that it just takes a few changes, a few steps in the right direction.
  • As it is the day after thanksgiving, this is exactly what I needed to be reminded of. Yesterday was not my demise. What I do today is all about my future!
  • Has Sparkpeople been spying on me??? LOL, they "read my mail" so to speak. Thanks for an uplifting article that speaks to right where I'm at. It was very helpful.

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