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25 Ways You Could Get Back on Track Today

Don't Give Up on Your Goals!


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    This really is what I need right now. I'm getting back on track after a lot of stress hit me and I gained almost 10 pounds in almost 2 months. Not a lot, but more then I wanted.
  • I call this perfect timing. Just what I needed. Even though I am limited with a stress fracture, I can get focused on controlling my eating and doing what exercises I can. I definitely needed this today!
  • This is a perfect article for the holidays! I'm going to come back to it from time to time in the next few weeks to keep me going. Thanks!
    this is what i needed, i have been falling of the wagon for the last few weeks. Cant get back up there but this helps a lot.
  • I feel as if I've been going backwards for a while, with only short intermitant bursts of being back on track (although never long enough for any progress to actually be made) I've been feeling really frustrated with myself and feeling really disconnected from the initial mindset I once had, but this article was posted at the perfect time for me! Thanks for sharing :-)
  • Thanks for the article. October was a very so-so month. I was in need of a peptalk with lots of alternatives. Thanks again. sfj
  • It was good to read this again. put me right back on the straight and narrow
  • This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for the nudge.
  • I haven't been on SP since the first of the year. After arguing with myself for a couple of days and deciding to come back this article is staring me in the face! WOW!! I feel I'm being led, one stepping stone at a time. Thank you Lord!
  • Are you people psychic or something? It seems there are all kinds of blogs, comments, and articles on here about "falling off the wagon" and getting back on. How did everyone know I needed help right now?

    Thanks SparkPeople. Yet another proof that you are always where I need you when I need you with what I need.
  • Thanks, I needed this today!
  • Great article! I am going to share it with my friends and keep a copy for myself to remind me! Thank you.
  • This is such a useful article, I really, _really_ think it should be turned into a monthly calendar. all those useful tips in one article make me tempted to try out most of them right away and of course that defeats the purpose. But stretched out over a month with a view "review how you are doing, use this day to re-start a good habit you dropped again" thrown in between?

    It would be the perfect monthly spark-calendar.
  • MORIAH86
    Great article. I'm printing it off and putting it where i can read it often. It is what I need to get back on track. THANK YOU!!!

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