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11 Dairy-Free Calcium Sources

No Dairy? No Problem!


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yes! molasses! Report
This is very helpful to me, as dairy isn't an option for me. Terrific! Report
thanks Report
This is a helpful article. I'm thankful for the variety listed in this article and glad to be able to make choices. Report
2 of the foods listed are very unhealthy, tofu and soy products have a lot of arsenic in them including what is called organic tofu. Soy milk can have up to 7 times the amount of arsenic allowed as the maximum in tap water. Rice is also full of toxins and is advised not to eat. The darker & wild rice are the most toxic. This of course includes rice products like rice krispies and rice cakes. People allergic to dairy are advised to not use these as a substitute, almond milk is healthier, also coconut milk is not as bad as people think as 2 years a go the government got rid of the cholesterol limits as it found out it did not cause heart disease. Sugar & trans. fat does. I will stick to almond milk and some vegetables have calcium in them. Check "" for all lists of all vitamins & minerals in all foods if you need more of a certain nutrient. Report
Great article Report
I was looking for some alternatives to up my calcium intake other than milk. Great article! Report
Oranges and almonds— yum! Report
Great information that I was looking for! Thanks! Report
I liked this article Report
Great information Report
Great info! Report
Perfect timing on this--I don't do much dairy so this will really help. Report
Great article! Report
Thank you for this article. I drink almond milk and take a calcium supplement but it's nice to have some other choices for calcium. Very informative! Report

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